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Traffic Calming

The City of Burnaby has several traffic calming devices that can be installed on your road. These include speed humps (for residential streets), raised crosswalks, roundabouts and curb bulges.

Speed Humps (Street)

The placement of speed humps is limited only to local residential streets. Humps are spaced at approximately 100m intervals and are designed to limit vehicle speeds to 50km/h or less between humps.  

Speed humps are administered under the existing Local Area Service Program, and because of this their installation is fully funded by residents. The current cost to residents is $2.70 per taxable metre of property per year for 5 years. This rate may vary for future programs.

Installation Process

The applicant must be a registered property owner on the block where the speed humps are requested. 

The City consults emergency services prior to installing speed humps, but it should be noted that these devices will have some impact on response times to affected roadways and adjoining streets. Each project is also reviewed by the Public Safety Committee to ensure that it would not unduly impact other residents in the area. 

If approved, the property owners whose property directly abuts the street where the work is to be done are sent a petition form containing project details and costs. The property owners in support of the project are responsible for signing and submitting their petition form to the City Clerk’s Office within 30 days. If at least 50% of the abutting owners, representing at least 50% of the total assessed value of the affected properties sign in favour of having the work done, the petition will be submitted to Council for project approval.

If you would like to have speed humps installed on your street, please contact Sheryl Pordan at 604-294-7455.

Speed Hump 1Speed Hump 2

Raised Crosswalks, Roundabouts & Curb Bulges

There is no official process for installing raised crosswalks, roundabouts or curb bulges through the Engineering Department. The majority of roundabouts and raised crosswalks are usually installed through the Planning Department through an Area Traffic Management Plan or Bike Routes along with speed humps. Curb bulges are usually installed at Schools as a traffic calming measure.

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