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Drinking Water Quality Data

Welcome to BurnabyMap. For 2015, the City has added a new feature to provide information to the public about drinking water quality. You can access the map here (click on help to access the information).

In order to help you navigate and access the new information, please review the following information:

  1. Click on the layers icon to bring up a list of layers available for viewing.
    BurnabyMap Help step 01


  2. To turn on the Drinking Water Quality Data click on Engineering Operations > Infrastructure > Water. Then click on the box next to the Drinking Water Quality Data Stations to turn on the layer.
    BurnabyMap Help step 02


  3. Click on the identify button to bring up the identify tool. Choose the circle and select a raindrop on the map to bring up that Water Station water quality record for this current year.
    BurnabyMap Help step 03


  4. Once you have selected the water station you are interested in it will open up a window with multiple layers that you can view more information about. First click on the triangle beside “Drinking Water Data”,  then “click for more info…” link under the Links column to open up the records for that specific station.
    BurnabyMap Help step 04


  5. View the previous year summary charts for each parameter by clicking on the “View Chart” button on the bottom left corner data table.
    BurnabyMap Help step 05


  6. You can now go to BurnabyMap and browse the data.
  • BurnabyMap

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