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Drinking Water Week

When you turn on your tap and clean, safe water comes out, do you ever stop to think about how it gets there and where it goes when you're finished with it? Enjoy Burnaby's clean and refreshing tap water and celebrate BC Water Week May 3-9, 2020 by taking time to learn more about your water and how you can protect and conserve it.

Drinking Water Week

Get to know Burnaby's H2O!

Burnaby's drinking water comes from three mountainous watersheds, the Capilano Reservoir, the Seymour Reservoir and the Coquitlam Reservoir. These three reservoirs are protected areas that are operated and managed by Metro Vancouver and closed to public access to prevent human caused contamination. The three large supply lakes collect water from snowmelt, creeks and streams. Metro Vancouver treats and tests the water for quality at the source before it is delivered through thousands of kilometres of pipes and water mains to Lower Mainland municipalities like Burnaby.

Did You Know?

  • Burnaby has over 700km of drinking water distribution lines.
  • The City delivers approximately 115 million litres of water per day to residents and businesses in Burnaby.
  • The City has 63 drinking water sampling locations and tests over 1,600 samples each year.

Tap in H2O Conservation 

  • Use a rain barrel to collect rain water for use in gardens and planters. Residents can purchase rain barrels through the City for a reduced cost.
  • Follow the lawn watering restrictions. Your lawn only needs 25mm (1inch) of water per week which can easily be applied on your watering days.

Take Action!

  • Take Action For Water

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  • Need a Refill?

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  • Lawn Watering Restrictions

    Watering RestrictionsMoreRestrictions in effect May 1-October 15. What's your watering day?
  • Water Conservation Tools

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