COVID-19 Impacts in Burnaby

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Historic Infrastructure

Did you know?

  • The City operates and maintains a watermain distribution system that consists of 724 km of watermains, 3,330 hydrants and 35,000 water services (2011 data).
  • The oldest watermain on record was installed in the 1920's.
  • The City operates and maintains a sewer system that consists of 680km of sewer mains, over 20m of forcemains, 10,565 manholes, and 36,650 sewer services (2011 data).
  • The City's sewer system is composed of combined sewers, sanitary sewers and storm sewers. The oldest sewer on record is a combined sewer installed in the 1930's. The City has an annual combined sewer separation program that replaces the combined sewers with sanitary and storm sewers.

Watch the following short videos to see where and when construction has occurred in Burnaby.




Storm Sewers 


Sanitary Sewers