Snow and Ice Removal Continues

Posted January 16, 2017

City crews and equipment will be working this week to:

  • Clear catch basins in anticipation for this week’s thawing and rainfall events
  • Clear wheelchair ramps and bus stops of compacted snow and ice
  • Sweep and clear main roadways and priority routes of sand abrasives

Remove snow from catch basins and storm drains. Keeping catch basins and storm drains on your street clear of snow helps prevent flooding when snow melts. Report problems to our 24-hour service line at 604-294-7200.

Locate catch basins using the Burnaby Map:

  1. Select Layers button
  2. Expand Engineering Operations option > Infrastructure
  3. Select Storm > Catchbasin > Zoom into your street

Motorists are advised to be prepared for changing road conditions. Attention should be paid to water pooling around roadways due to forecasted rainfall this week.

Hazardous conditions, downed trees, potholes, and localized flooding can be reported to our 24-hour Emergency Dispatch at 604-294-7200. Non-emergency requests can be reported to 604-294-7460. We appreciate your patience as we work towards removing snow and ice in as many areas as possible. View Snow and Ice Control Information and Our Role as a City.

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Water Conservation Tools

With our climate and accessible resources, it's easy to take water for granted. The City encourages residents to use water sustainably to protect our water supply, conserve energy, and help reduce personal utility costs.

Tap into Water Conservation

  • Purchase an Indoor Water Conservation Kit from the City for $10.
  • Use a City Rain Barrel to collect rain water for use in gardens and planters.
  • Follow the Lawn Watering Restrictions. Healthy lawns only need 25 mm (1 inch) of water per week.

Other Water Conservation Tips

  • Watering lawns sparingly or not at all saves up to 17,000 litres per household over the summer months
  • Spring-loaded garden hose nozzles save 23 litres per minute
  • Full loads and shorter cycles in the laundry room save 95 litres per load
  • Low-flow toilets save six to 14 litres per flush
  • Toilet inserts save up to 100 litres per day
  • Aerator and flow restrictors on the kitchen tap save up to 20 litres per day
  • Fixed leaks in kitchen and bathroom taps save 47 litres per day

City of Burnaby Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are a great way for green-thumbed residents to keep their gardens fresh and watered. With lawn watering regulations in effect from May 15 to October 15, rain barrels are an affordable gardening solution.

Rain barrel water keeps your plants healthier because the water is unchlorinated and oxygen-rich.  Each barrel holds up to 341 litres of water and can help you save on bills and water consumption.

Residents can purchase rain barrels at the City's Eco-Centre, specially priced at $100.00 (includes tax). As quantities are limited, purchase is limited to one barrel per household with cash or debit only. 

For further information, please contact the City's Recycling Line at 604-294-7972.

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