Hot Weather in Store for Southwestern BC

Posted July 13, 2018

While hot and sunny conditions are welcomed news for most, Environment and Climate Change Canada and Medical Health Officers are reminding residents to take precautions to protect themselves from the heat. Keep cool by:

  • Spending time in an air-conditioned facility (such as a shopping centre, library, community centre or restaurant) for at least several hours every day.
  • Dress for the weather by wearing loose, light-weight clothing. Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.
  • Avoid sunburn, stay in the shade or use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more
  • NEVER leave children or pets alone in a parked car.
  • Check in on others - People living alone are at high risk of severe heat related illness.  
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Water Pressure Changes

Water pressure in Burnaby's water distribution system is mainly provided by gravity from higher elevation water sources managed by Metro Vancouver.

The City has been divided into pressure zones based on elevation to maintain water pressures in the City. You can see these in our Burnaby Water Zone Map. Pressures shown on this map are in feet and are in GVRD (Metro Vancouver) supply HGL datum.

The City’s water system consists of four (4) water pump stations, four (4) water reservoirs, and 21 pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations to control and regulate water pressures for customers and for fire protection and fire fighting. The water system is designed with redundancy, so that the loss of any one source will not impact the water supply in a pressure zone in most circumstances.

Water Pressure Problems In Your Home

Low Pressure?

Temporary low pressure can be caused by heavy water use, lawn watering, a water main break, a fire hydrant in use, and other similar actions.

Low pressure is sometimes caused when the City flushes watermains. Notice is advertised in local newspapers and on the City website:

A permanent drop in water pressure may signal a problem with your plumbing or pressure reducing valve (PRV). You can call a plumber at your expense to address the issue, or request a City representative to come check the water supply coming into your property.

Please contact Engineering Dispatch for assistance at 604-294-7200.

High Pressure?

High water pressure may be the result of a malfunctioned pressure reducing valve (PRV).

To address this problem, call a plumber at your expense to inspect the pressure reducing valve or request a City representative to come check the water supply coming into your property.

Please contact Engineering Dispatch for assistance at 604-294-7200.

No Pressure?

If any of your plumbing faucets have little or no water, but there is water in other faucets in the house, the problem is from your internal plumbing system. Call a plumber at your expense to investigate.

If your entire house is without water and your neighbours are not affected, the problem may be from your plumbing or from the City side. You may call a plumber at your expense to check the pressure reducing valve to ensure it is not shut-off or malfunctioned or you can call the City and ask for a representative to come out and investigate. Call Engineering Dispatch for assistance at 604-294-7200.

If you and your neighbours are without water with no shut-off notification from the City, the problem may be from a broken watermain. Call the City's Engineering Emergency Dispatch at 604-294-7200 for assistance.

Watermain Flushing Program

The City's Engineering Department has an annual program of flushing and cleaning Water mains.

This activity may cause pressure fluctuations, some discoloration and sediment in the water supply reaching your home or business. These conditions should be of short duration and do not pose a health hazard.

If your water appears discoloured after our crews have finished flushing, clear your water by running a cold water tap in your bathtub to avoid clogging screens in your faucets.

If you have questions or specific concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at 604-294-7221.

Current Watermain Flushing

Flushing in effect: Lake City Zone
From: North Rd.  to  Camrose Dr.
From: Broadway  to  Government St.

Flushing Area: Lake City Zone

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