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The City of Burnaby is bounded by water to the north and south, and has many waterways winding across its landscape. A watershed is that area of land through which a waterway flows on its course to a lake, river or coastal waters. Watersheds provide important functions for storm water drainage, fish and wildlife habitat, and natural areas for residents and visitors to enjoy.

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Protecting Burnaby Watersheds

The City of Burnaby provides environmental protection services for its watersheds through storm water management, development review, operational procedures, bylaw development, green space dedication, and public education.

The Three Watersheds

The City of Burnaby has a varied geography of lowlands and ridges and includes Burnaby Mountain. The land base is easily divided into three main watersheds:

  1. Fraser River Watershed: Burnaby’s south slopes generally flow from the Kingsway ridge area south to the Fraser River. 
  2. Brunette River Watershed: The central valley drains into Still Creek, Burnaby Lake and ultimately, the Brunette River.
  3. Burrard Inlet Watershed: Burnaby’s north slopes flow generally north from the Hastings ridge area into the Burrard Inlet.

As the Brunette River ultimately drains into the Fraser River, approximately 88% of Burnaby lands drain into the Fraser River. To find out more about Burnaby’s watersheds and waterways, their names and locations view Burnaby Waterways Map and Watershed Map, or explore the Burnaby Map.

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