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Illegal Discharge to Waterways

Legislation to protect water quality and fish habitat exists on the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

City staff conduct Emergency Environmental Spill Response and pollution investigations, and work with Provincial and Federal staff when required. Please Contact Us to report a spill or any materials obstructing a waterway.

Illegal Discharge to Waterways - Griffiths Pond

Bylaws and Regulations

Illegal discharge to a waterway can reduce water quality, impact human health and affect fish mortality. Dumping materials or obstructing a waterway leads to destabilization or erosion of waterways or ravine banks. These regulations are to help protect communities, public health and natural ecosystems:

  1. The City of Burnaby Watercourse Bylaw, implemented in 1988 to “prohibit the fouling, obstructing or impeding of any creek, stream, waterway, watercourse, waterworks, ditch, drain or sewer”
  2. The City of Burnaby Parks Regulation Bylaw, implemented in 1979 to regulate the use of Parks and prohibits dumping within park areas. Dumping of organic waste or yard waste in ravine park areas is prohibited under this bylaw
  3. The B.C. Ministry of Environment Water Quality Standards to which municipalities must conform

Sediment Discharge to a Waterway

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