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Protecting Your Watershed

Landowners and businesses living and/or operating near streams and ravines play an important role in protecting Burnaby’s environmental values. Take steps to protect your watershed and the wildlife within it.

Want to do more? Find out how in Caring For Our Environment.

Waterway - Beaver Creek

Know Your Watershed

  • Identify where you work or reside in Burnaby with our Watershed Map and Waterways Map
  • Visit your local waterway
  • Identify storm drain locations on your property, street and laneway
  • Ensure that household consumer products, toxic and hazardous wastes are disposed of appropriately
  • Dispose of all Yard Waste in your compost or yard waste container
  • Help raise awareness to other residents and property/ business owners that all outside drainage leads to fish habitat
  • Don’t feed wildlife or leave food sources available to them
  • Choose Native Vegetation to support local wildlife
  • Report any suspicious dumping of potential pollutants to Burnaby’s Environmental Services Division
  • Join together with other people in your community who are committed to watershed health. See the Burnaby Streamkeepers Program for more information

Keep Pollutants Out

The Burnaby storm sewer system discharges to fish-bearing waters in every part of the City. Because of this, we must keep polluted water out of the storm sewer system.

Keep these out of the stormwater drains and catch basins located outside buildings, in underground parking areas and on streets:

  • Floor-washing/ carpet cleaning detergents (including biodegradable products)
  • Oil, anti-freeze, and gasoline
  • Residential Car-washing or Commercial Car-Washing soaps and products
  • Chlorinated swimming pool/hot tub water
  • Paint, varnishes and stripper products or residues
  • Concrete and grout product and wash water
  • Pesticides and other household poisons

Information on the safe disposal of toxic or hazardous materials is available from the Recycling Council of BC.



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