December 17: Planned Outage of Websites and Online Services for Maintenance

Posted December 15, 2017

On Sunday, December 17 from 2:00-11:00 AM, the following websites and online services will not be available while system maintenance is performed. Websites and online services may become available during this time frame, but may be subject to intermittent availability. We thank you for your patience.

  • Home Owner Grant - claim online 
  • WebReg - program registration for recreation and arts activities
  • eAgenda - agendas, minutes, reports for Council, Board, Committee and Commission meetings
  • BurnabyMap - interactive mapping application
  • Dog Licences - renewals
  • Portal Login - for tenants of city owned properties and city employees

City Services

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Fire Safety Plans

Please note: Starting May 1st, 2013 a new fee schedule is being implemented for the reviewal of all fire safety plans.

The primary purpose of a well designed Fire Safety Plan is to help both occupants and responding personnel in coping with emergency situations. The Burnaby Fire Department extracts specific information from a well designed Fire Safety Plan to create a Pre-incident Plan. This information is then linked to the fire apparatus computer to assist the Incident Commander in making quick, precise decisions to aid in life safety. A Pre-incident Plan is one of the most valuable tools available for aiding responding personnel in effectively controlling an emergency.

A Fire Safety Plan is required by the British Columbia Fire Code (BCFC) 2012 Section 2.8 based on building use or occupancy types. The owner or the owner’s authorized agent of the premises is responsible for providing a Fire Safety Plan as per the 2012 BCFC.

Fee Schedule

Low Rise Buildings (under 6 stories) - $150 (GST included)

    New construction, renovation and demolition construction

High Rise Buildings (over 6 stories) - $300 (GST included)

    New construction, renovation and demolition construction

Revisions to Existing Fire Safety Plans - NO CHARGE (within 10 years of last plan submitted)

The Burnaby Fire Department Requirements

1.   All fire safety plans shall follow the guidelines as laid out in the Fire Safety Plan Guidelines.  Our Application Form, The Fire Safety Plan, the Vital Information Form, and the Pre-Incident Plans must be submitted in four separate PDF formats for review to the following email address:

2.   Pre-incident Plans are slightly different than the plans which are submitted in the Fire Safety Plan.  Burnaby requires that our fire safety plan symbols be used in both Pre-Incident Plan and Fire Safety Plan drawings.

3.  The owner/owner's agent will be given 60 days, as per Section 23 (page 6) of the City of Burnaby Fire Services Bylaw No. 11860, from the completion of new construction or renovations to submit a Fire Safety Plan to the Fire Chief.  An “Appointed Fire Safety Director/Deputy” training form must be completed after his/her training and signed by the Fire Safety Plan designer.

4.  Fire Safety Plans for demolition & construction sites are required for all projects in the City of Burnaby.  Additional information on demolition and construction fire safety plans can be found in the 2013 Emergency Management B.C. Bulletin.

5.  All buildings requiring a fire safety plan must install a FSPB (fire safety plan box). This FSPB must be a padlock type with a spare lock inside and must be labelled "Fire Safety Plan" on the front of the box. See sample Fire Safety Plan Box.  Contact the Burnaby Fire Department regarding the location of installation.

6.  If a property owner has received an order by the Burnaby Fire Department for a Fire Safety Plan update or review, they must submit a letter of intent by a qualified company prior to the re-inspection date.  The company must follow the Burnaby Fire Department requirements which can be found at

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