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Projects To Be Delivered After January 1, 2016

For all assignments delivering City infrastructure assets, after December 2015, the Consultant is required to submit design and as-built drawings conforming to the Asset Data Submission Standards for City capital projects. The format for progress payments related to contract administration has also been changed from previous standards.

In summary, the City requires:

Civil 3D Drawings with object data to illustrate and detail:

  1. Assets that the City is intending to construct and retire, at the tender phase
  2. Assets that were constructed and retired, at the construction phase

Progress payment documentation (for City capital projects only, not for development projects) must comply with the prescribed format. Construction costs require detailed allocation by asset type and by design number. This detailed cost allocation will be required for the pre-tender estimate, tender summary and any progress payments. The Schedule of Quantities and Prices in the Form of Tender can follow MMCD principles, but must correlate to the tender summary and progress payments by asset type. Submission of the progress payment template is required for review at the beginning of the construction phase. These drawing and progress payment standards and templates are subject to incremental changes or adjustments, and the City will notify consultants of any upcoming changes.

The following documents are available to support understanding the new procedures:

Last updated January 28, 2020.

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