Be Prepared For Snow And Winter Conditions

Snowfall Warning: 10 to 15 cm Expected

Updated 4:00 PM, December 9, 2016

Snow flurries continue this afternoon and more snow is expected over higher terrain through Saturday morning. Read Environment Canada Snowfall Warning »

City crews and equipment are in operation 24-hours to keep streets clear of ice and snow with the focus on priority streets, emergency routes, and bus routes until conditions improve. We appreciate your patience as we work towards removing snow and ice in other areas as conditions and resources allow.

Snow plowing routes are established based on traffic volume, speed, road classification, road terrain, and accessibility by transit and emergency services. View our map of priority snow removal routes. More Snow and Ice Control information »

Please leave extra time to commute, consider taking an alternative route or mode of transportation, stay up to date with weather alerts and Translink service advisories.

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Who We Are 

The Burnaby Film Office is a one-stop-shop for managing all your filming needs, the rights of citizens and public safety. If you require information regarding filming in the City of Burnaby, please see our contact information at the bottom of this page.

Filming Crane

What We Do 

The Burnaby Film Office helps production companies access City services and obtain proper permits and authorizations to film in the City of Burnaby. Productions including commercials, television series as well as student, independent and feature films. If you are a production company interested in filming in Burnaby, please read about our Guidelines and Policies.

The City of Burnaby has hosted many Hollywood’s stars, directors and producers for some of your favourite TV series including The Killing, Eureka, Once Upon a Time, Alcatraz, Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe, Stargate SG1 and X-Files. The City of Burnaby, its residents and businesses have also been involved in feature film making with the likes of Twilight Series, Rise of the Apes, Mission Impossible, 2012, Diary of A Wimpy Kid and the Sixth Day.

Update 2013

The Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation encourages economic growth and job creation in British Columbia’s film and television production industry through its support of Creative BC.

The provincial government announced that effective April 1, 2013 the programs and services of the B.C. Film Commission and B.C. Film + Media would be combined under one agency; Creative BC. This is an independent agency that is responsible for promoting the development of creative industries in British Columbia and providing a single point of access for industry programming, production support services, tax credit administration, international marketing and policy development.

In 2012, BC produced 294 film and television projects bringing $1.2 billion dollars into the provincial economy with feature films, TV series and movies as well as commercials. As a result, BC is now one of the largest production centres in North America.

In Burnaby we have approximately 60% of the studio space available in the lower mainland. As a result this employs many Burnaby residents and provides growth to local businesses. Everyone in Burnaby can benefit from this growing business.  

Contact Information

Burnaby Film Office
Phone: 604-294-7314
Fax: 604-205-3001