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Filming Fees


  • Film Application Fee - $225 (+ applicable taxes). effective September 1, 2019
  • Film Application Fee for Film School Students - $50 (+ applicable taxes).
  • 15% Administration Fee (waived for film school students).
  • Deposit fees will be required to cover the use of City parks, streets, facilities, equipment, staff, etc., on a cost recovery basis.
  • Approximate fees for street use or parking signage are $250 per block, meter charges may apply. 
  • All fees must be submitted to the Burnaby Film Office 5 days prior to the commencement of filming activities.
  • Fee amounts will be determined by the Burnaby Film Office and should be submitted by cash, debit or cheque payable to the City of Burnaby.
  • Approximate RCMP Burnaby Detachment hourly rate is $125, with a four hour minimum.
  • Approximate Fire Department hourly rate is $500, with a four hour minimum.

Filming Barnet Marine Park

For Example
: If a City owned recreation facility or park is proposed to be used, a Facility and Area Allotment Agreement will be issued by the City of Burnaby. No production location agreement is required.

The fee for use of City parks is approximately $883.37 (+ applicable taxes) per location, per day, plus $323.85 (+ applicable taxes) for each non-filming day. Fees may exceed this amount depending upon the specific request and the facilities intended to be utilized.

Damage Deposits

  • Deposits may be required to cover any potential damage to City facilities, equipment, etc., and made prior to the commencement of filming.  Example: parks use $5,000 and For buildings use $10,000.
  • Damage deposit amounts will be established by the Burnaby Film Office and will depend upon the specifics of the film project. 
  • Damage deposits will be submitted to the Burnaby Film Office by cash, debit or cheque payable to the City of Burnaby.  
  • Deposits minus City Service Charges will be refunded upon completion of the filming activities, inspection by City staff and approval of the Burnaby Film Office.