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Obtaining an Electrical Permit

Who Can Obtain an Electrical Permit?

1. Electrical Contractor

A certified electrical contractor may apply for and obtain the required permit and arrange for inspection upon completion of the work. An electrical inspector will be assigned to the area and will inspect the work at their discretion.

Please Note: The production must apply to obtain a film permit prior to getting an electrical permit.

2. Owner / Operator of Equipment

A production company may obtain a permit without being an electrical contractor if they have at least one certified person in their employ, registered with the Electrical Safety Branch, who will be named on the permit. The certified person named on the permit must check the wiring for code compliance and request inspection from the Building Department, by email, phone 604-294-7130 or fax 604-294-7986. An electrical inspector will be assigned to the area and will inspect the work at their discretion.

If the certified person named on the permit must leave the location while the set is energized, the production company must ensure that another person, certified to the same level is left in charge on the site.

Each time the production is set up at a new location, a further inspection request must be made.

Getting Your Permit

To apply for an electrical permit, you'll need to contact the Building Department for the City of Burnaby. Read their page on Permit Types and navigate from here to the brochures, applications and forms that you need. 

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