COVID-19 Impacts in Burnaby

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Policies and Guidelines

COVID-19 Safety Plans Now Required

All productions should be prepared to submit a copy of their COVID-19 Safety Plan before filming begins. Information regarding this can be found on the WorkSafeBC or Creative BC.

Policy Objectives

  1. To facilitate the motion picture film industry in its production endeavours by providing a centralized and efficient procedure for obtaining City Authorization when necessary for filming in Burnaby.
  2. To promote the City of Burnaby as a focus for the film industry, and an inviting environment for filming.
  3. To encourage the establishment of business, industry and expertise in Burnaby to support and complement the film industry.
  4. To minimize any inconvenience to the general public and the citizens of Burnaby as a result of filming activities.
  5. That by issuing City Authorization to utilize public facilities for filming in Burnaby, the City is provided with appropriate liability insurance.
  6. To ensure that filming-on-location will not cause any irreparable damage to public or private property and that in the event such damage does occur, the film company will be responsible for all such repairs as required.
  7. To ensure that filming shall not jeopardize the safety and well being of the general public.
  8. To ensure that the City recovers its costs for all services rendered associated with filming activities.
  9. To ensure that filming activities fully observe the bylaws of the City.
  10. The City of Burnaby reserves the right to approve or deny any request for filming involving property, assets, right-of-way, etc., owned or governed by the City.


  1. The City of Burnaby provides filming services and coordination through the Burnaby Film Office.
  2. All inquiries and requests for City Authorization should be made to the Burnaby Film Office.
  3. All requests must be made well in advance of the project and not less than 5 working days prior to commencement of filming activities. For complicated projects, addition advance notice will be required. The City cannot guarantee its authorization of the film project and/or provision of services if insufficient notice is given.
  4. All requests require the deposit of monies in advance to cover all costs of City services.
  5. Authorization forms and schedules of requirements and guidelines are available from the Burnaby Film Office.
  6. All productions should be prepared to submit a copy of their COVID-19 Safety Plan before filming begins. Information regarding this can be found on the WorkSafeBC or Creative BC.

Liability Insurance

  1. The film production company must submit all required insurance documents to the Burnaby Film Office at least five days prior to the commencement of filming activities. All insurance documents must be approved by the City.
  2. The following insurance requirements must be satisfied:
    1. The City must be named as additional insured in the film production company's liability policy.
      1. Filming Agreement (Revised August 13, 2013) with the City must be included with the insurance documentation.  
      2. The amount of liability insurance required is $5,000,000.00. The City reserves the right to set an appropriate amount of liability insurance. Proof of automobile insurance with $5,000,000.00 liability insurance when any vehicles are used in the film.
      3. The insurance policy must include a 30 day cancellation clause.
      4. Insurance provision must include Cross Liability Endorsement, Severability of Interests or Separation of Insureds.