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Gadabouts and Wheelers Bus Trips

Citizen Support Services offers Gadabouts and Wheelers programs for those Burnaby residents who are living independently, are feeling isolated and lonely and who would like to go out with a group for an entertaining afternoon.

These trips are designed for housebound seniors who are living independently in Burnaby. The outings provide socialization, a feeling of independence and an outreach to others in the community who are sharing similar life circumstances.  HandyDART is used for all Wheelers outings and volunteer drivers are used to transport Gadabouts clients either to the location where the bus will be boarded or directly to the venue if it is not far from, or within Burnaby. Volunteers are on hand to assist and socialize.

Watch this space for upcoming 2017 Trips!


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For volunteer questions, contact Franco Teleg at 604-570-3784 or email franco.teleg@burnaby.ca.

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