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Services for Parents and Children

The Fraser Health Authority manages the breast feeding clinics and children's immunization clinics. The Citizen Support Services runs the Cuddle Program for new moms. If you are in need of our services, please contact the Fraser Health Authority.

Citizen Support Services Parents and Children

Programs for Parents and Children

Children's Immunization Clinics                  
Children's Immunization Clinics are held weekly throughout Burnaby. While nurses counsel parents and administer vaccines, volunteers weigh and measure infants, look after siblings when necessary and keep the clinic running smoothly. These clinics are held at Cameron Recreation Centre, Deer Lake, Edmonds, Eileen Dailly Pool Centre, and South Burnaby United Church Hall.

Breast Feeding Clinics
Breast Feeding Clinics are held twice a week on Wednesdays at McGill Library and on Thursdays at Tommy Douglas Library in the afternoon. Volunteers will assure your comfort and weigh and measure your baby. 

Cuddle Program
Volunteers provide gentle guidance and a helping hand in caring for your newborn. You can take this time to do housework or get some much needed rest. Cuddle program referrals come through Public Health Nurses. The Cuddle Program was developed by the City and has been so successful, it has attracted positive attention from other communities who want to replicate the program.

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