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Climate Action and Energy Division

Who We Are

The Climate Action and Energy Division (previously Environmental Services Division) of the Corporate Services Department is responsible for development and implementation of environmental programs and policies related to such matters as air quality, drinking water, storm water, noise, contaminated sites, in-stream works, development applications, and inspections of industrial/commercial operations.

Drain with oil

What We Do

Bylaws and Enforcement

Develop new and/or revise and enforce policies, objectives and bylaws related to the environment.

Community Drinking Water Assessment

Undertake drinking water quality sampling within the community to ensure that our drinking water meets the B.C. Safe Drinking Water Regulations and the Health and Welfare Canada Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

Development Applications

Review Land Development Applications from an ecological point of view.

Emergency Response

Respond to chemical related spills to the environment both during and after hours. Liaise with other City Departments and external agencies where applicable and coordinate and/or administer the clean-up and/or disposal of related wastes.

Encroachment Applications and Permit Agreement

Reviews and approves Encroachment Applications for any individuals or firms interested in install, repair/maintain, or conduct an investigation or non-intrusive work, in or abutting property controlled or owned by the City including right-of-ways.

Environmental Education

Develop communication and public outreach educational materials and programs on environmental related topics such as waste reduction, water conservation, pesticide management, invasive species and stream protection.

Erosion and Sediment Control Measures

Review, and approve sediment control measures on construction sites as part of the Commercial and Multi-Residential Development Applications.

Industrial/Commercial Facility Inspection and Audits

  • Undertake Business Licence Inspections and focused audits of industrial/commercial areas
  • Respond to and follow up on complaints regarding industrial/commercial facilities
  • Promote increased awareness to facility operators regarding proper storage of disposal wastes
  • Review and provide feedback on B.C. Ministry of Environment Waste Storage Permits and Metro Vancouver Sewer Discharge Permits regarding industrial/commercial facilities in Burnaby

Noise Assessment

  • Investigate and respond to public inquiries regarding industrial/commercial, construction, residential and stereo/party related noises
  • Undertake noise surveys in determining localized baseline noise levels
  • Determine requirement of acoustic studies during the review of the development permit approval application process.
  • Administer Variance of Work Hour Restriction Application

Site Profile Submissions

Administers the Site Profile submissions and liaises with the B.C. Ministry of Environment on contaminated sites assessment related matters.

Surface Water Quality Assessment

  • Monitor surface water for bacteriological and chemical quality
  • Identify polluting sources implicated during supporting monitoring program and respond to public inquiries regarding surface water pollution
  • Provide supporting inspection assistance of industrial/commercial facilities in conjunction with watershed studies
  • Coordinate and administer in-stream works related to preservation of fish habitat

Contact Us

Phone: 604-294-7850

For emergencies relating to a spill to the environment, please contact Engineering Dispatch:
Phone: 604-294-7200

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