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Geographical Information Systems

GIS is a computer system capable of capturing, storing, analyzing and displaying geographically referenced information; that is data identified according to its location.

GIS at the City of Burnaby

GIS logoThe GIS Department at the City of Burnaby builds and maintains a central GIS data repository that integrates municipal information, publishes interactive web maps, provide mapping and analysis services and other GIS support for multiple departments within the City. GIS promotes collaboration, communication and analysis to assist with day-to-day decision making at the City of Burnaby.

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintaining the City’s legal parcel, underground utilities network, addresses, zoning, heritage landmarks, traffic infrastructure, parks, waterways and other spatial information
  • Develop and maintain BurnabyMap, the City’s public and internal online mapping application
  • Develop and maintain Burnaby's Open Data Portal for public online access to the City's information sources
  • Provide GIS data and services to City Departments
  • Maintain, synchronize and integrate the City’s Asset Management System with the central GIS data repository
  • Perform spatial analysis and 3D modelling
  • Develop custom desktop GIS tools and applications


Figure 1: GIS at the City of Burnaby

This figure outlines some of the components and workflow that constitutes the City’s GIS: data tables, feature layers, computer hardware, software and GIS staff.

A Geographic and attribute data are entered, collected and maintained by GIS staff.
B Data is organized by themes and are visualized as different layers (eg. streets, parcels, water mains, etc).
C Select layers and attribute data are made available to the public through BurnabyMap. 

Burnaby's Online Mapping Application

BurnabyMap is the City’s online mapping application that provides access to the City of Burnaby’s geographic and attribute data using an internet browser.

There are over thirty map layers (themes) of data that can be turned on and off with a click of a button. These layers include:

  • Property and address information
  • Parks and recreation facilities
  • Public schools
  • Public libraries
  • Other public places including fire halls, shopping complexes and policing service
  • Road maps
  • Engineering data such as sewer and water mains
  • High resolution aerial photographs
  • Property Assessment Data

Open Data Portal

The City of Burnaby maintains a wide range of data. As part of our commitment to engagement, transparency and accountability, we want to share our data with you. Please explore our Open Data Portal and use Burnaby’s data to analyze information, build apps, combine open datasets using maps, develop new web and mobile applications, and to meet your specific data needs. For data not available via the Open Data Portal, please call 604-294-7460 for more information.

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