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Infrastructure and Development Division

Standard Street Works Permit

For current pricing, please refer to the most current Street and Traffic Bylaw. Invoices will reflect the current prices.

Fees and processes have changed for doing work on City-owned roads. You will be required to hold a Standard Street Works Permit. Please use the correct application form below:

  • If you are an owner or contractor and are going to install third-party infrastructure such as electrical, telephone, cable or other service provider to a subdivision project, use the Subdivision Development Utilities application;
  • If you are a third-party utility company, use the Network Upgrades application;
  • If you are an owner or contractor and are going to perform civil construction, such as installing concrete assets like a sidewalk / connector walk or curb and gutters, use the Minor Civil Works application.

Engineering Design Criteria

All civil works related to both development and capital works in the City of Burnaby, shall be designed in accordance with the latest version of the City of Burnaby engineering design criteria

Pavement Restoration Policy

Temporary and permanent restoration for small and large cuts in the City road shall meet the requirements in the Pavement Restoration Policy.

Who We Are

The Infrastructure & Development Division  is responsible for infrastructure planning, capital program identification, geographic information systems (GIS), and developer engineering servicing requirements.

Development Services - ConstructionSome of the functions performed are:

  • Establish and edit engineering design criteria;
  • Develop infrastructure servicing plan and capital construction plans to meet the needs of current and future residents and businesses;
  • Prepare asset management plans to ensure continued service at an acceptable level of risk while minimizing lifestyle costs;
  • Support Public Works and Utilities with planned maintenance programs, work tracking, and major system inspections;
  • Provide geographic information systems (GIS) for the entire City, including residents, City Council, and all other City departments;
  • Review engineering requirements for development projects and liaise with developers; and
  • Coordinate engineering inspection services in connection with development projects.

What We Do

Subdivision and Rezoning

If the servicing requirements are a condition of subdivisions or rezoning, this department will provide the developer's engineering consultant with such information as as-built plans, contour maps, design specifications and standards, survey information and preliminary cost estimates for proposed servicing. Later, it will review the developer's designs for these services to ensure that they meet all the City's requirements and standards. The City also requires an inspection fee to allow us to inspect the developer's contractor's work. More details and a notice about changes to the development servicing agreement can be found here.

If there is no subdivision and /or rezoning but just a simple building permit on existing property, the Infrastructure and Development group reviews the adequacy of services with respect to the proposed development on that site.

For large developments, the City requires an Engineering Master Plan (EMP) to be submitted for review and acceptance prior to any site-specific rezoning application. More information on EMPs may be found here.

As large developments are long-term and multi-phased in nature, new information may become available throughout the course of the development that causes a significant change in what was originally proposed in the accepted EMP. 

  1. We provide City Engineering Inspectors to review private development within City rights of way.
  2. We ensure project compliance with the numerous standards and specifications for Engineering Works.

Please keep in mind that a single fees cheque cannot be made to City engineering and City Building. Separate cheques are required for each department. We recommend you fill them out after receipts/permits have been processed to avoid discrepancies in amounts.

Hoarding Permits, Shoring Permits, and Right-of-Way

We review and issue hoarding and shoring permits relating to new development which may encroach onto the public right-of-way during construction. This group also deals with statutory rights-of-way, that the appropriate rights-of-way are secured. It is also this group's responsibility to review requests for release of rights-of-way which may have become redundant over time, through redevelopment.

Soil Deposit or Removal Permits

The Infrastructure and Development group also reviews, and issues, permits for soil removal and soil deposition (filling). A permit is required if the proposed soil works, on any property, is in excess of a cumulative total of 50 Cu.m. The department has prepared a set of guidelines to assist the public in making applications for soil deposit and soil removal.


Third-party utility installation, driveway access or other minor works are reviewed by the Infrastructure and Development Services Division. See Encroachment Requirements for more information.

Contact Us

Phone: 604-294-7460
Fax: 604-294-7425

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