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Projects Division

Who We Are

The Projects Division takes on a vital role in the success of Capital Works design and construction. Our division liaises with all the other City departments and agencies, other professionals, contractors, consultants, residents, and businesses to complete a project.

contracts and inspections

Capital Works Program

The City's Capital Works Program for roads, water, sewers, drainage, and lighting is primarily designed by external engineering consultants. Consultants for specific areas of work are pre-qualified and then are selected on the basis of invited proposals based on a detailed terms of reference. City of Burnaby supplemental specifications and detail drawings are available for download here. Microsoft Word template tender documents are available upon request. The consultant's designs are then reviewed by Project Managers who post the construction opportunities on BC Bid.  

What We Do

  1. We ensure the process for tendering is followed for City initiated projects.
  2. We monitor the progress of these projects and approve payments.
  3. We ensure project compliance with all licensing, insurance and bonding requirements.

Please keep in mind that a single fees cheque cannot be made to City Engineering and City Building. Separate cheques are required for each department. We recommend you fill them out after receipts/permits have been processed to avoid discrepancies in amounts.

If you need to pick up a tender document or get onto a Bidder's list, Purchasing Department can assist you. Contact them directly or visit the Bid Opportunities page.

Contact Us

Phone: 604-294-7460
Fax: 604-294-7425
Email: engineering@burnaby.ca




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