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Revenue Services

Who We Are

Revenue Services provides the following City financial support services: administration of billing for property taxation, utilities, and the collection of City revenues.

Our City Hall

What We Do

Revenue Services

  • Provides policy and procedures for the collection of City revenues.
  • Monitors revenue activity, providing reports to management and Council as required. 
  • Responsible for the City's Point of Sale and Revenue Collection Systems.

Tax Office

  • Responsible for the collection of property tax, utilities (water and sewer), commercial refuse and false alarm charges. 
  • Administers collection of taxes on behalf of five other Taxing Authorities: Provincial School Taxes, Translink, Municipal Finance Authority, Metro Vancouver and B.C. Assessment.  
  • Provides the central revenue receipting services for satellite locations such as RCMP, Burnaby Public Library and the Recycling Yard.
  • Administers key services for local residents, including the Provincial Home Owner Grant and Tax Deferment programs.  

Revenue Services Administration and Collecton 

  • Administers the city's collection contract and recovery process 
  • Recommends, coordinates, and supports the implementation of Accounts Receivable applications.
  • Works closely with IT project managers to support the delivery of financial revenue business solutions projects.
  • Ensures compliance with general accepted accounting principles, internal City control standards, and integration controls with the City's SAP Enterprise System.

Contact Us

Richard Rowley
Assistant Director, Revenue Services
Phone: 604-294-7266

Eva Juca
Manager, Revenue and Taxation
Phone: 604-294-7906

Revenue Services
First floor of City Hall
4949 Canada Way
Burnaby BC, V5G 1M2 | Map