Rainfall Warning for Metro Vancouver

Be Prepared for Pooling Water and Localized Flooding

Posted November 21, 2017

rainfall warning is in effect with prolonged periods of rain expected until Thursday. City crews are working to mitigate roadway flooding conditions by clearing leaves and debris from drains, placing road flooding signs and pre-positioning barricades for possible road closures.

Leaves left or put onto city streets can potentially result in localized flooding due to clogged catch basins. Help us by removing leaves and debris from catch basins on your street so the water can easily drain during heavy rainfall. Learn more »

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Our City Hall

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Revenue Services

Who We Are

Revenue Services provides the following City financial support services: administration of billing for property taxation, utilities, and the collection of City revenues.

Our City Hall

What We Do

Revenue Services

  • Provides policy and procedures for the collection of City revenues.
  • Monitors revenue activity, providing reports to management and Council as required. 
  • Responsible for the City's Point of Sale and Revenue Collection Systems.

Tax Office

  • Responsible for the collection of property tax, utilities (water and sewer), commercial refuse and false alarm charges. 
  • Administers collection of taxes on behalf of five other Taxing Authorities: Provincial School Taxes, Translink, Municipal Finance Authority, Metro Vancouver and B.C. Assessment.  
  • Provides the central revenue receipting services for satellite locations such as RCMP, Burnaby Public Library and the Recycling Yard.
  • Administers key services for local residents, including the Provincial Home Owner Grant and Tax Deferment programs.  

Revenue Business Services Project Team 

  • Recommends, coordinates, and supports the implementation of Accounts Receivable applications.
  • Works closely with IT project managers to support the delivery of financial revenue business solutions projects.
  • Ensures compliance with general accepted accounting principles, internal City control standards, and integration controls with the City's SAP Enterprise System.

Contact Us

Richard Rowley
Assistant Director, Revenue Services
Phone: 604-294-7266

Eva Juca
Manager, Revenue and Taxation
Phone: 604-294-7906

Winnie Ky
Manager, Business Solutions
Phone: 604-297-4961

Revenue Services
4949 Canada Way
Burnaby BC, V5G 1M2 | Map