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Non-Resident Property Elector

If you own property in Burnaby, but do not live in the City, you may be eligible to vote in the 2018 Burnaby Local Government Election.

To vote in the Burnaby Local Government Election as a non-resident property elector, you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • 18 or older on the day of registration or on Election Day;
  • A Canadian citizen;
  • A resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months before the day of registration;
  • A registered owner of real property in Burnaby for at least 30 days before the day of registration;
  • Not a resident of Burnaby;
  • If applicable, you have received the written consent of the majority of registered owners for the property, authorizing you to be registered as the non-resident property elector for the property; and
  • Not disqualified from voting.

A person may register as a non-resident property elector only in relation to one parcel of property in a municipality.

Persons wishing to register as non-resident property elector must bring the following documentation to the voting location:

  • Application for Registration as a Non-Resident Property Elector – remember to have your signature on the form witnessed by another individual, who will also sign and provide their residential address;
  • Consent of Registered Owners for Non-Resident Property Elector Registration – only one registered owner per property is permitted to vote.  If several non-residents own a single piece of property, the owners must select only one of the owners to vote;
  • A photocopy of proof of ownership of the property must be made available (such as property tax notice, assessment notice or certificate of title); and
  • Two pieces of valid identification that prove who you are, one of which must include your signature. 

You are NOT ELIGIBLE to vote as a non-resident property elector if the property is registered under a company name or if you are holding the property in trust for a corporation or trust.

For further information, please contact the City of Burnaby Election Office at  604-294-7088 or

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