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Voting Experience

In 2018, eligible Burnaby voters will be able to vote where they live, work, play or learn at any designated voting locations on October 20, 2018, and will have the opportunity to vote at any one of the Advance Voting locations on October 6, 10 or 13, 2018. 

The ability to vote anywhere improves the voting experience for residents, and is in line with the City of Burnaby's commitment to leadership in social, economic and environmental sustainability.

What to do Before Voting

Five easy steps to simplify the voting experience:

  1. Confirm you are eligible and registered to vote. 
  2. Read the Candidate Profiles to learn more about who is running for office.
  3. If you are registered a Voter Card package will be mailed to you in late September. Review this package carefully, detach and bring your Voter Card.
  4. If you do not receive a Voter Card, bring two pieces of ID that prove who you are and where you live, one of which must include your signature.
  5. Decide which one of the designated voting locations is most convenient for you, to confirm when and where you plan to vote.

What to Expect When Voting 

Five easy steps to voting at one of the designated voting locations:

  1. Before walking into the voting location, have your Voter Card and/or two pieces of ID ready.
  2. When you enter the voting location you will be greeted, have the chance to ask questions and mark a practice ballot. At this time you will be directed to the first available Election Official.
  3. The Election Official will verify your Voter Card and/or ID, you will be asked to sign a solemn declaration confirming you are eligible to vote, and you will receive your ballot and secrecy sleeve. 
  4. You will then proceed to the voting booth, where you will have privacy to mark your ballot.
  5. Once completed place your ballot back into the secrecy sleeve, and the Machine Attendant will ask you to feed your ballot into the voting machine. 

Your vote counts where you live, work, play and learn!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about voting in the 2018 Local Government Election. Translated versions available in nine languages.

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