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Environment Committee

Please note: Meetings will be broadcast live for public viewing until further notice.

The Environment Committee advises on issues related to the social and environment matters (i.e. needs of seniors, youth, family, ethnic groups and persons with disabilities, minimizing environmental pollution, conserving and enhancing Burnaby’s natural landscape, and ensuring that new developments respect their natural surroundings). The Committee provides recommendations to Council and assists in increasing public, corporate and government awareness regarding the city’s strategic goals, objectives and priorities (Official Community Plan, Burnaby Social Sustainability Strategy, and Sustainability Strategy).

Search and view proceedings of the Environment Committee, including meeting agendas, minutes and reports via:

  • eAgenda 
    • Listed as Environment Committee for 2020 and future meetings 
    • Listed as Environment and Social Planning Committee for 2019 meetings
    • Listed as Sustainable City Advisory Committee for 2017-2018 meetings
    • Listed as Environment Committee for 2015-2017 meetings

Please consult our Boards, Committees and Commissions Directory to see the membership list.

For more information about the Environment and Social Planning Committee, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 604-294-7290 or

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