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Parks, Recreation & Culture Commission

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2018 Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission:
(Left to Right)
Karin Alzner, Guyle Clark, Lance Matricardi (Deputy Chairperson), Stace Dayment, Paul McDonell (Chairperson & Council Representative), Barb Larkin, Dan Johnston (Council Representative), James Jang, Dan Staschuk

Meeting Day/Date:

The Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission meeting is generally held on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers. Three times per year, the meetings are held in the community.

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Commission Meetings

Commission meetings are open to the public. During commission meetings, public delegations are heard, correspondence is received and reports are presented by staff. Members then discuss the issues raised, debate and vote. Regular commission meetings are held in the City Hall Council Chambers. Community commission meetings are held right in your neighbourhood and are followed by a question-and-answer period along with coffee and a chance to chat with the commissioners.


The City of Burnaby Parks Recreation and Culture Commission may hear three delegations per Commission meeting. Each delegation is given ten minutes to make their presentation to the Commission, after which the Commission members may ask questions or comment on the information presented. Delegations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once the three delegation limit is met, additional requests are put forward to the next available Commission meeting. In order to appear as a delegation before the Commission, you must submit a written request addressed to the Chair and Members of the Commission. Letters to appear as a delegation should be forwarded to the Commission Secretary.

Theresa Cheng – Acting Commission Secretary
Parks Administration Department
#101 - 4946 Canada Way Burnaby, BC V5G 4H7

You can also email to parks@burnaby.ca (Attn: Theresa Cheng – Acting Commission Secretary). Please note that all correspondence submitted to the City of Burnaby will form part of the public record and will be published when this matter is before the Commission. The City considers the author’s address relevant to Commission's consideration of this matter and will disclose this personal information. However, the author’s phone number and email address are not required and should be omitted if the author does not wish this personal information disclosed.

Requests to appear as a delegation before the Commission must be received in the Parks Administration office seven working days prior to the Commission meeting, please see the Commission schedule.

Your letter must include:

  1. the subject you wish to present;
  2. the name and address of the speaker(s);
  3. a telephone number or email address to contact the speaker.

A staff member will contact the speaker to confirm his/her place on the Commission agenda, whether audio/visual support is required and the time of the presentation. Please direct any inquiries with regard to appearing at the Commission meeting to the Parks Administration Office at 604-294-7450 or parks@burnaby.ca

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