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Councillor Nick Volkow

Councillor Nick Volkow

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I first sought election to Council in 1996 because I wanted to help the City move forward on creating more opportunities for young people to gather and play in safe, supportive environments. My own children were young, and I wanted to make sure that they and other young people had the infrastructure and resources to help them grow and learn.

With support from the City, I helped to develop the four youth centres we have today - one in each of the four quadrants of the City – and two skateboard parks. Confederation Skate Park became a model for community involvement as the youth who would ultimately use it helped to create its design. The Bonsor Park Metro Youth Park is an award-winning facility, providing an important space for young people to connect and enjoy sports in a way that suits them best.

As a member of the Parks Commission between 1988 and 1993 I was able to bring attention to the state of Burnaby Lake. The Lake had filled with sediment, much of it contaminated with elevated levels of metals and hydrocarbon.  Eventually, the City undertook a $20 million project to dredge the lake, removing about 180,000 tonnes of sediment and saving this important local and regional asset.

The award-winning dredging provides multiple benefits to the ecosystem of the lake, which is on the Pacific Flyway, a significant migration route for birds. As a result of dredging, the lake has improved water quality, better fish passage, enhanced wildlife habitat and excellent opportunities for rowing, kayaking and canoeing.

Further benefits were achieved by cleaning the dredged soil and using it as fill for nearby playing fields. This provided significant savings in the cost of transporting soil and avoided the environmental impact of trucking. We also achieved the benefit of better-quality surfaces on Burnaby playing fields.

My children are now adults and I am the proud grandfather of two girls and five boys, but my interest in making Burnaby a great place for families is as strong as ever.  

In my previous role as chair of the Transportation Committee I worked hard to improve and expand cycling opportunities, and I continue to advocate for better connections across the city. With projects like the Central Valley Greenway, the 24-kilometre cycling and walking path that runs near the Millennium Line SkyTrain through Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster, we are making progress in linking parks, shopping, workplaces and major transit hubs. 

Three new pedestrian overpasses have helped encourage active transportation and improved safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

In the current Council I am proud to serve as a member of the Executive Committee and as an alternative Director to Metro Vancouver.

Memberships and Community Links

  • 36-year Canada Safeway employee
  • Past-member, Ex-Brits Red Lions Rugby Club
  • Member of “Million Mile Club”, Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors
  • Council liaison, Engineering Department and Fire Department
  • Member, Community Heritage Commission
  • Past-member, North Fraser Harbour Commission (1993–1996)
  • Member, Executive Committee
  • Alternative Director, Metro Vancouver
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