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Through our proclamations program, Burnaby City Council helps various groups and organizations by highlighting their services to the citizens of Burnaby. 

Proclamation requests

We welcome requests to issue proclamations that promote inclusiveness, raise awareness and recognize community contributions. These may include charitable causes, initiatives or events; arts and cultural celebrations; public awareness or fundraising campaigns; achievements of local organizations; and other issues of local importance in Burnaby.

Approved proclamations will be printed and posted at City Hall, posted on the City’s website, and acknowledged at an Open Council Meeting. Proclamations will be read aloud at Council meetings if requested by the applicant and/or the applicant is present at the meeting. You will also receive an electronic copy of your proclamation.

Complete the form and submit your request at least four weeks before the proclamation date.  

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Things to remember when preparing your request

  • The deadline for submitting your request is four weeks before the proclamation date.
  • You will need to provide us with a draft of your proclamation. Your draft should be a maximum of five “Whereas” statements and no more than 200 words in total. In some cases, we may make changes to improve wording or readability.
  • You will need to describe the significance and connection your proclamation request has to the citizens of Burnaby.

Proclamations will not be issued if:

  • recognizing the cause, event, campaign or organization may be contentious or divisive;
  • it is inconsistent with City policies or bylaws;
  • it is partisan political or commercial in nature;
  • it has no relevance to Burnaby.

Proclamations by year

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