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Books About Burnaby

As a registered publisher, the City of Burnaby publishes books about the history and heritage of Burnaby. There are currently five books available for sale at the Cashier located in the lobby of City Hall, 4949 Canada Way. We are open during regular hours Monday to Friday. For more information, please telephone 604-294-7358.

Burnaby Village Museum's gift shop, located in the Carousel Pavilion, also carries a number of these publications. For more information and hours open, please telephone 604-297-4562.

1977, 108 pages (illustrated)
$4.00 including taxes

Bygones of Burnaby

An Anecdotal History

Local historian Pixie McGeachie interviewed many early residents of Burnaby to compile this great narrative of local stories. The interviewed pioneers span the settlement history of the city from the pioneer 1890s when land was cleared for farms at Deer Lake to the 1930s Great Depression. This stock of books is the last of the print run remaining for this classic local history publication. 

1997, 160 pages (Illustrated)
$10.00 including taxes

Follow That Fire

The History of the Burnaby Fire Department

Communities have always lived with the threat of fire. Early Burnaby residents banded together to extinguish out of control bush fires with bucket brigades. In the 1920s, the Municipal Police and city staff were called to fire duty before the first Fire halls were built and staffed in the 1930s. The Department's progress from its humble beginnings as two separate departments operating from converted horse stable and a water pump station is profiled with many early photos and some humorous anecdotes. Author Douglas H. Penn is a twenty-five year veteran of the Burnaby Fire Department. 

Author: Jim Wolf
1998, 47 pages (Illustrated)
$5.00 including taxes

Deer Lake Park

Heritage Resource Inventory

Deer Lake Park forms Burnaby's most unique and historic heritage precinct. This book tells the history of the lake from its prehistoric days to its transformation into one of our largest civic parks. Every historic building in the park is featured with historic photographs, a detailed history and architectural highlights. 

2002, 200 pages (Illustrated)
$5.00 including taxes

Land of Promise

Robert Burnaby's Letters from Colonial British Columbia 1858-1863

Robert Burnaby, a true Victorian English gentleman, took a chance to travel to the new colony of British Columbia in 1858 to seek fortune and adventure. Here in the "Land of Promise" he found a home among government administrators, gold seekers, settlers, and aboriginal peoples. As the Private Secretary to Colonel Richard Clement Moody, Burnaby led exciting exploration expeditions into the wilds of modern-day Vancouver and Burnaby, the city which was to bear his name. Burnaby became a prominent member of Victoria's society and a successful merchant and legislator. Amid the dancing parties and gossip he even found time to court a "bashful and coy maiden". Now, through never before published letters, Robert Burnaby come to life as a dynamic personality of colonial British Columbia. 

image Authors: Donald Luxton & Jim Wolf
2007, 168 pages (Illustrated)
$25.00 including taxes

Burnaby's Heritage

An Inventory of Buildings and Structures

“Burnaby’s Heritage” is the culmination of many years of effort by the Community Heritage Commission to identify and evaluate the built heritage of the City. This publication will form a cornerstone of the City’s Heritage Program to identify and create public awareness of the heritage sites of Burnaby. It is also a record of the rich history, architectural beauty and landmarks that contribute to the character of our unique neighbourhoods.

Author: Harry Pride
2005/2006, 246 pages (Illustrated)
$15.00 including taxes

In the Shadow by the Sea

Recollections of Burnaby's Barnet Village

In the Shadow by the Sea: Recollections of Burnaby's Barnet Village, consists of a district history and more than 50 personal accounts written by former residents, illustrated with hundreds of never-before-published images. Barnet was a unique Burnaby district that centred around industries and company towns for the North Pacific Lumber Company, Nichols Chemical Company and Kasks. In the Shadow by the Sea has for the first time brought to life this special place through recounting its history, its industries and the personal recollections of people who called Barnet home.

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