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Social Planning

Beresford Street Warming Centre Remains Open

The warming centre at 5970 Beresford Street continues to operate daily from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM until further notice. As of March 31, 2019, the three other warming centres have ended operations now that the winter months have passed. Learn more »

Extreme Weather Response Shelter

Lookout Housing and Health Society operates an Extreme Weather Response Shelter in Burnaby that opens during local extreme weather alerts.The shelter’s main location is operated out of Westminster Bible Chapel (7540 6th Street) with a backup location at Burnaby Alliance Church (8611 Armstrong Avenue). There is capacity for 27 people at the main location and 20 additional spaces at the backup location.

Social Planning has helped shape Burnaby's community fabric since the late 1970s. Through research, advocacy, analysis, policy development and facilitation, Burnaby Social Planning works to improve the social well-being and social development of the community and all Burnaby citizens.


The work of Social Planning is guided by the City's Equity Policy, which recognizes diversity as "a source of social, cultural and economic enrichment and strength". Our Burnaby includes all community members regardless of background, ethno-cultural identification, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, age, heritage, life experience, and other factors. 

Burnaby is a city that has many positive attributes and a deep commitment to improving quality of life for all of its citizens. To ensure that the city will continue to be a great place to live, work, learn, play and visit, the City of Burnaby adopted a Social Sustainability Strategy in 2011.

SSS Vision Graphic

As a whole, the Strategy provides a framework that guides City decisions and resource allocations for social issues. The Strategy is structured around seven Strategic Priorities, which guide Social Planning work.

Strategic Priorities


Meeting Basic Needs

This Strategic Priority is about ensuring that everyone in Burnaby has a foundation to live a life of dignity.


Getting Involved

This Strategic Priority works to strengthen the trust and social bonds that are forged between individual and groups when they actively participate in and help shape community life.


Celebrating Diversity and Culture

This Strategic Priority celebrates the role that diversity and culture play to support and create a cohesive, creative and engaged community where all feel a sense of belonging.


Learning for Life

This Strategic Priority is about enabling lifelong learning - the continuous building of skills and knowledge throughout people's lives.


Enhancing Neighbourhoods

This Strategic Priority is about animating lively and distinct neighbourhoods as spaces for social interactions and community vitality.


Getting Around

This Strategic Priority refers to accessible, affordable, healthy, and safe means of getting around Burnaby to support the development of an inclusive and liveable community.


Protecting Our Community

This Strategic Priority works to ensure a community in which all people can live their lives without fear, and confident in their ability to respond to a crisis.

Contact Us

Social Planning
Phone: 604-294-7421
Email: socialplanning@burnaby.ca

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