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Zoning Bylaw

The Burnaby Zoning Bylaw regulates the development and use of land and the location and use of buildings and structures within the City of Burnaby. The stated purpose is to serve the community with regard to:

  • The promotion of health, safety, convenience, and welfare of the public
  • The prevention of the overcrowding of land, and preservation of the amenities peculiar to any zone
  • The securing of adequate light, air and access
  • The value of the land and the nature of its present and prospective use and occupancy
  • The character of each zone, the character of the buildings already erected and the peculiar suitability of the zone for particular uses
  • The conservation of property values

The Burnaby Zoning Bylaw provided for the public’s convenience is an unofficial consolidation of Bylaw 4742 and has been divided into the following parts which provide the following information:

The Explanatory Note includes a short explanation of the organization of the Zoning Bylaw and a description of how you may purchase a copy. Note that each section and schedule is page-numbered separately to allow for the insertion of replacement pages. On each page, the date of the last revision is indicated at the bottom right-hand corner. Replacement pages are printed whenever the text of the Bylaw is amended.

The Table of Contents provides a list of the Bylaw’s organization and index of the Bylaw’s sections and schedules.

Sections 1-4 of the Bylaw provides for the title, purpose, definitions, and basic provisions. Sections 5 to 9 give information on the establishment of Zoning Districts and schedules, Supplementary Regulations that apply to various types of developments, Administration and enforcement of the Bylaw and information regarding application submission for requisite permits and development applications.

Zoning Districts in Burnaby are grouped into “R” for Residential districts, “RM” for Multiple Family Residential districts, “C” for Commercial districts, “M ” for Industrial districts, “B” for Business Centre districts, “P” for Public and Institutional districts, “A” for Agricultural districts and “CD” for the Comprehensive Development districts. For each district  the Bylaw states uses permitted, conditions of use, lot area and width, lot coverage, development density, height of principle building, depth of principle building, front yard, side yards, rear yard, parking and other aspects related to the district. (Note that in the printed version of the Zoning Bylaw the binder tabs have been added to locate the various district information.)

Schedules 8 and 9 of the Bylaw outline the off-street parking and off-street loading regulations which apply to the various districts.

The links below provide access to the online version of the Burnaby Zoning Bylaw and the Official Zoning Map. To purchase a copy of the Burnaby Zoning Bylaw, or for more information on the Burnaby Zoning Bylaw and zoning in the City, please contact the Planning Department at 604-294-7400.

Burnaby Zoning Bylaw

Residential (R) Districts – Schedule I

  • R1 – Residential District
  • R2 – Residential District
  • R3 – Residential District
  • R4 – Residential District
  • R5 – Residential District
  • R6 – Residential District
  • R7 – Mobile Home Park District
  • R8 – Residential District
  • R9 – Residential District
  • R10 – Residential District
  • R11 – Residential District
  • R12 – Residential District

Multiple Family (RM) Residential Districts – Schedule II

  • RM1 – Multiple Family Residential District
  • RM2 – Multiple Family Residential District
  • RM3 – Multiple Family Residential District
  • RM4 – Multiple Family Residential District
  • RM5 – Multiple Family Residential District
  • RM6 – Hastings Village Multiple Family Residential
  • RM7 – Hastings Village Multiple Family Residential

Commercial (C) Districts - Schedule III

  • C1 – Neighbourhood Commercial District
  • C2 – Community Commercial District
  • C3 – General Commercial District
  • C4 – Service Commercial District
  • C5 – Tourist Commercial District
  • C6 – Gasoline Service Station District
  • C7 – Drive-In Restaurant District
  • C8 – Urban Village Commerical District Hastings
  • C9 – Urban Village Commercial District

Industrial (M) and Business CTR (B) Districts – Schedule IV

  • M1 – Manufacturing District
  • M2 – General Industrial District
  • M3 – Heavy Industrial District
  • M4 – Special Industrial District
  • M5 – Light Industrial District
  • M6 – Truck Terminal District
  • M7 – Marine District 2
  • M8 – Advanced Technology Research District

Industrial (M) and Business CTR (B) Districts – Schedule IV

  • B1 – Suburban Office District
  • B2 – Urban Office District

Public and Institutional (P) District – Schedule V

  • P1 – Neighbourhood Institutional District
  • P2 – Administration and Assembly District
  • P3 – Park and Public Use District
  • P4 – Cemetery District
  • P5 – Community Institutional District
  • P6 – Regional Institutional District
  • P7 – Special Institutional District
  • P8 – Parking District
  • P9 – Marine District 1
  • P10 – Recreational Vehicle Park District
  • P11 – SFU Neighbourhood District
  • P12 – Utility Corridor District

Agricultural (A) Districts – Schedule VI

  • A1 – Agricultural District
  • A2 – Small Holdings District
  • A3 – Truck Gardening District

Comprehensive Development (CD) Districts – Schedule VII

Off-Street Parking – Schedule VIII

Off-Street Loading – Schedule IX

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