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Let It Grow Naturally

Over the years, concern surrounding the potential health and environmental impacts of pesticide use has increased. The City of Burnaby has undertaken a number of initiatives to address these concerns.

From the City's side, we have:

  • Discontinued the use of pesticides on public lands in 1988. Our pest management is ecologically-sound
  • Enacted a Pesticide Notification Bylaw. This bylaw requires landowners to post warning signs before and after pesticide application
  • Adopted the Pesticide Use Control Bylaw No. 12465 in 2008 and implemented it April 1, 2009
  • Adopted an Integrated Pest Management Policy and Program and recommendations of an Environment and Waste Management Committee to restrict the use of cosmetic herbicides on private properties
  • Began an education program in 2003 to help reduce the amount of cosmetic herbicides used on residential properties

To learn about pesticide reduction:

For more information contact the Climate Action and Energy Division at 604-294-7850 or

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