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Filming in Burnaby

Burnaby has many wonderful locations available for your production. Choose from a wide selection of studios, parks homes, heritage properties, civic buildings and commercial areas. 

Familiarize yourself with the Agreements, Applications, Forms and Information at the end of the page to understand what is needed to film in Burnaby.

Filiming Alan Emmott Centre

Traffic Management

There are traffic rules and requirements that need to be followed when filming in the City of Burnaby.

Parking on City Streets

  • Long term (more than 3 hours) parking of film unit or crew vehicles on streets require City authorization at least five working days prior to parking. 
  • The placement of "special event" signs to accommodate film production vehicles are provided by the City and subject to fees.
  • Meter charges may apply.
  • No angle parking permitted in Burnaby
Filming Parking Circus

Traffic Control

  • RCMP Burnaby Detachment staff can provide traffic control upon request to the Burnaby Film Office at least five working days prior to  the start of production.
  • Placement of barricades, signs, etc., as required will be provided by the City and are subject to fees.
  • Some Traffic management may require the use of a Traffic control company.
  • A Traffic Control Permit must be submitted two weeks in advance for street closures. 
  • Any film projects involving an intersection of Hwy #1 in Burnaby must contact Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
  • The production company is responsible for all public relations with private citizens, businesses, residents, etc., who may be affected by the parking of vehicles and street closures.
  • The film production company must provide information to the immediate area of filming.
  • Approval  for use of helicopters in film projects is required from Transport Canada and issue of a Temporary Heliport License is obtained through the Burnaby Film Office.   
  • Approval for DRONE use also requires Transport Canada clearance provided to film office prior to filming.

Fire Department Services

Requests for use of Fire Department equipment, vehicles and manpower go through the Burnaby Film Office. Rules for use of Fire Department Equipment and Vehicles include:

  • Only reserve vehicles and equipment can be used. 
  • In the event of an emergency, any and all equipment and vehicles can be recalled without notice. 
  • Only Fire Department personnel are permitted to operate equipment and vehicles as well as specify the manpower required for operation. 
  • A fee schedule for equipment and vehicles use is available from the Burnaby Film Office.

Agreements, Applications, Forms and Information



    Forms and Information

    Applications and Forms can be emailed to: