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Social Sustainability

Burnaby is a city that has many positive attributes and a deep commitment to improving quality of life for all of its citizens. To ensure that the city will continue to be a great place to live, work, learn, play and visit, the City of Burnaby has developed a Social Sustainability Strategy. Social Sustainability is about people – individuals and the community working together to meet their needs, realize their potential, and prosper in a healthy environment. The Strategy was developed by a 25-member Steering Committee, chaired by Mayor Derek Corrigan, and composed of four City Councillors and 20 other Burnaby community members. The Strategy was adopted by Mayor and Council on July 11, 2011.

Two years since the Strategy's Phase I implementation plan was adopted by Council in 2013, a progress report has been prepared. The report highlights the progress made by the City and its partners on various actions under each of the Strategy's Seven Strategic Priorities. It also identifies remaining Phase I actions to be pursued over the next one to two years. 

The City of Burnaby's cutting-edge Social Sustainability Strategy was awarded a Canadian Institute of Planner's 2012 Award for Planning Excellence in the Social Planning category. The award, which was conferred at an awards ceremony in Banff, Alberta on October 10, 2012, recognizes excellence in planning work, and contribution to an effect on the planning profession.

Social Sustainability Strategy Wins Canadian Institute of Planners Award


Burnaby Social Sustainability Strategy

The Strategy is a comprehensive and cutting edge plan that builds on existing goals and on Burnaby's many positive social attributes and assets.  It articulates a social sustainability vision and long-term sustainability goals for Burnaby, and proposes initiatives for the City and others, acting within their respective mandates or in collaboration, to move us toward that vision and those goals.

On March 4, 2013, Burnaby Council approved an implementation plan for the Strategy. The Plan highlights 44 of the Strategy's 127 actions for particular attention over the next five or so years. The Plan also notes that, even in the absence of an implementation plan, progress has already been made on 42 of the actions in the Strategy.

As a whole, the Strategy provides a framework that will guide City decisions and resource allocations for social issues over the next 10 or so years, and positions Burnaby as a national leader in social sustainability. Together with the Economic Development Strategy, updated in 2007, and the pending Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the Social Sustainability Strategy will provide a foundation for the continued strengthening of Burnaby’s overall well-being.

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