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Burnaby's Official Community Plan

The primary city-wide policy document that provides the strategic direction, framework and guidance for the orderly management of growth and development in the City of Burnaby is the Official Community Plan (OCP) and its associated Regional Context Statement. The OCP provides for the integration of land use, transportation, the environment, community facilities and services, and social and economic planning into a broad strategy to direct the growth and development of the City. The OCP’s overriding goal is a desire to preserve and enhance community well-being and livability. The OCP incorporates six strategic directions that collectively provide choice and diversity of opportunity in relation to anticipated needs while protecting and enhancing those community assets that make Burnaby a desirable place in which to live, work and invest.

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The OCP is established under the authority of the Province of British Columbia's Local Government Act and is consistent with the Regional Growth Strategy adopted by the GVRD Board of Directors.

Burnaby’s OCP was adopted by Council 1998 June 15 as ‘Burnaby Official Community Plan Bylaw 1998’.

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