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Bike Routes & Urban Trails

Due to extremely dry conditions and the high fire risk, the following ban is now in effect until further notice: 

No Smoking in Burnaby Parks, Trails and Green Spaces 

The City of Burnaby advises all park users that there is no smoking permitted in Burnaby parks, trails and green spaces. "No Smoking" signs are posted throughout the City. 

Burnaby Bike Map

The Burnaby Bike Map provides current information on cycling through and throughout Burnaby.

You can also pick up a printed copy at community centres, libraries and City Hall.

Trails and Cycling - Bike Routes

Bike Routes

Find out more on current and proposed routes in Burnaby, and learn about our different trails and paths.
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Cyclists on the Greenway

Central Valley Greenway

Enjoy some of Metro Vancouver's most beautiful urban and natural spaces by bike or by foot.
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BC Parkway

BC Parkway & Highland Park Line

Visit the region's original recreational bikeway and pedestrian route.
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Rumble Street Urban Trail

Rumble Street Urban Trail

Stay active on this multi-use urban trail, connecting McKay and Royal Oak Avenue.
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BC Parkway

Willingdon Linear Park

Walk, cycle or run along this Linear Park, extending 13 blocks of Willingdon Avenue in North Burnaby.
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BC Parkway

Central Park Perimeter Trail

Walkers, cyclists and joggers can now enjoy travelling the second phase of the Central Park Perimeter Trail.
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Visit the Neighbours!

Bicycle route information for the adjoining cities is available at:

  • Burnaby Bike Map

    bike imageMoreCycle Burnaby! Get around on our bike routes and urban trails.
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