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Asset Identification Drawings and Payment Requirements

Effective immediately, the City has implemented new changes to the asset identification drawing and payment requirements. The City of Burnaby is improving our business processes for managing the delivery of infrastructure assets in the capital program. The first step in improving these processes is to gather adequate details from design consultants and contract administrators to recognize the financial impacts of infrastructure assets delivered to the City.

Projects Delivered Prior to December 31, 2015

For contracts delivering infrastructure assets as part of the 2015 and prior Capital Programs, design consultants are required to submit asset identification drawings and revised invoices in compliance with the standards and guidelines listed.
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Projects To Be Delivered After January 1, 2016

For all assignments delivering City infrastructure assets, after December 2015, the Consultant is required to submit design and as-built drawings conforming to the Asset Data Submission Standards for City capital projects. The format for progress payments related to contract administration has also been changed from previous standards. The following documents are available to support understanding the new procedures.
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