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Park Donations

Types of Donations in Burnaby Parks

There are unlimited reasons why any one person, group or business might choose to imprint themselves into the texture of Burnaby’s natural environment. Perhaps to commemorate a great occasion or achievement. Or to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or loved one. Whatever the case, these gifts create lasting personal memories in a favourite green space while increasing the beauty, history and/or user-friendliness of our parks. After all, there’s no place like nature to feel close to what matters most in life.

What kind of "presents" could I give?

Listed here are a series of basic, heritage-oriented projects and existing structures that could serve as a focus for community donations. These items are on the “dream list” for Burnaby Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services as we make plans for the future. All pertain specifically to parks, though our recreation centres, pools, arenas, sports facilities, the museum and arts centre are all worthwhile recipients for donations.

Bottom line: We’re open to your ideas and suggestions, so please feel free to call.

Will my "present" be recognized?

Wherever possible a small bronze recognition plaque will be used to identify the contributor or contributing organization. A certificate of appreciation from the Parks Commission will be issued. And, of course, a tax deductible receipt in the amount of the gift will also be issued.

Basic Park Items

  • Benches
  • Picnic tables
  • Drinking fountains
  • Bike racks
  • Shade trees
  • Free-standing play components

Larger Items

  • Play structures ("Spots for Tots", etc.)
  • Covered picnic table shelter
  • Eco-Sculpture 
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