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Engineering Development Review Process

Engineering has now assigned a single project manager to improve customer service and streamline the development review process. Project managers will coordinate the development review for all engineering infrastructure, environment and transportation items. 

To help with this review, your engineering submission requirements related to rezoning applications have been consolidated into four key stages. Please provide your complete submissions for each of these stages to your assigned project manager. Provision and approval of each submission will enable your application to proceed past the associated stage. Your project manager will then distribute to all Burnaby staff involved and respond to you with consolidated comments. 

Checklists for each submission stage have been provided below for your convenience. Please print, review, sign in the appropriate place, scan and attach to your submission.

Following completion of these four stages, you will proceed to the Prior to Construction phase, outlined in the table below. 

Templates provided below are formatted Microsoft Office Word and Excel files. Click the links to download, open and save the templates to your device.


Prior to Construction During Construction Construction Completion Maintenance Period
Description Identifying Servicing Requirements and finalize supporting documentation Construct required infrastructure per approval conditions using the supervision of a professional engineer Provide certificate of inspection and final infrastructure drawings Review, repair, and replace infrastructure and landscaping as necessary
Templates / Documentation (Burnaby to
review and
Supporting Requirements
  • Insurance (Developer/Owner & Consultant)
  • Worksafe BC Registration
  • Public/Private Utility Approval
  • Utility Coordination Plan
  • TMP, geotech, env. reports
  • SRW, 219 Covenants
  • Retain professional engineer for inspection
  • Submit design changes for City approval
  • Comply with applicable regulations
  • Protect surrounding infrastructure and repair any damage
  • Complete by Completion Date 
Payments and Releases 
  • Releases (Bonds and Deposits) 
    (related interim Certificate of Inspection and Inspector Print Drawings)

What is New?

  • Simplified and standardized documentation
  • New Engineering Design Criteria, which will include standard drawings and specifications for RMA's.
  • New drawing production and asset data submission standard
    NOTE: Progress payment standards and WBS element references do not apply to Land Development Projects.
  • Additional involvement required by Developer’s or Owner’s Engineering consultant
    • Professional liability insurance required
    • Coordinate design and construction, including third-party utilities
    • During construction
      • Provide inspection services, including written weekly reports
      • Submit design changes for City approval
      • Submit deficiency list for City approval
    • After construction
      • Provide certificate of inspection
      • Submit inspector print drawings (and as-built drawings)
    • During the maintenance period
      • Provide written status reports every three months

Ongoing Considerations

  • There is a time limit to complete the works
  • The owner/developer is required to maintain sufficient insurance
  • If the owner/developer defaults on the conditions of the agreement, the City may utilize the bonding to complete the works

Additional Documents

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to review a copy of the detailed legal agreement, please follow up with the following staff:

May Phang, Assistant Director Engineering – Infrastructure & Development
Phone: 604-294-7464

Dion Doepker, Engineering Development Manager
Phone: 604-294-7475