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Dog Off-Leash Areas

Off Leash

Specific off-leash areas have been designated in portions of the following parks. They are places where responsible dog owners can exercise and train their dogs off leash. These sites are not exclusively for dogs and are shared with all park users:

  • Off-Leash Sites in Burnaby  
  • Burnaby Heights Park
  • Confederation Park
    (year round on loop trail north of Penzance Dr. and enclosures
  • Robert Burnaby Park 
    (year round on hydro corridor and adjacent lawn area west of Ramsay Creek)
  • David Gray Park (enclosure, year round)
  • Taylor Park (enclosure, year round)
  • Malvern Park (trail and open area, year round) 
  • Warner Loat Park (enclosure, year round)
  • Barnet Marine Park (portion of Drummond’s Walk area with restrictions*)
    Trial off-leash hours: 
    • October 1-April 30: no time restrictions, dawn to dusk
    • May 1-September 30: Weekday mornings dawn to 10am
                                         Weekday evenings 6pm to dusk
                                         Weekend mornings dawn to 10am
      Statutory holidays are equivalent to weekend schedule.
  • Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park
  • Byrne Creek Dyke trail (year round)
    Picnic Meadow (lawn north of picnic shelters with restrictions*)
    Trial off-leash hours:
        October 1-April 30: No time restrictions, dawn to dusk
        May 1-September 30: Dawn to 9 AM and 6 PM to dusk

* Please respect the time restrictions posted at these off-leash areas.

Off-Leash Code

  • You must clean up and properly dispose of your dog's waste
  • You must be present and in verbal control of your dog at all times
  • Dogs must wear a valid license and have current vaccinations
  • Dogs must be leashed before and after using the off-leash area
  • You must have a leash in hand at all times while your dog is running free
  • If your dog exhibits aggressive behaviour, you must leash it immediately
  • You are responsible for any damage or injury inflicted by your dog
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