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Eco-sculpture Sponsorship

Eco-sculpture Sponsorship

Burnaby's Eco-sculpture program creates living sculptures to beautify and soften the urban landscape we live, work and play in. Corporate and community support is critical to Burnaby’s Eco-sculpture program. Without it, innovative projects of this scale rarely make that leap of faith and imagination that turns drawing-board dreams into reality.

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Eco-sculpture, which appeals to all age groups but particularly to children, is not only fun and educational, it’s perfect for drawing attention to environmental issues. As well, these living, 3-D sculptures have enormous tourism potential for the city. All of which explains why the program has been greeted with keen interest by a broad range of partners.

To help with the continued growth of our Eco-sculpture program, please contact:

Heather Edwards
Manager Parks Design
604-294-7040 | heather.edwards@burnaby.ca

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