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Corporate Strategic Plan

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Council Reports 2018 | 2017

Burnaby is a vibrant city at the geographic centre of Metro Vancouver. It has an amazing natural environment, a strong cultural mosaic and thriving town centres.

As a City, we provide facilities and services that support a safe, connected, inclusive, healthy and dynamic community. The City works collaboratively with residents, businesses, organizations and other governments. We are proud of our accomplishments, and are driven to improve our services.

This strategic plan is founded upon and guided by the goals that the City of Burnaby has established through a series of forward-thinking, long-term plans. The Council-adopted trilogy of sustainability strategies (socialenvironmental and economic), the Official Community Plan and other City policies establish the planning and resource context for our work.

This plan is the result of the collaborative efforts of City Council and staff. The goals outlined in this plan will be used to guide City staff in delivering services, setting priorities and developing programs. The principles and goals of this plan will be reflected in the City’s Annual Financial Plan and other City plans. Specific projects and initiatives will continue to be developed to move the City toward the vision and goals identified in this strategic plan.

Our Vision

Our vision describes what we want our work to achieve, and what we aspire to do for our community.

A world-class city committed to creating and sustaining the best quality of life for our entire community.

Our Core Values

Our core values describe how we do our work. They are the principles that guide our actions and decisions.


Citizen and business needs are at the forefront of our plans, services and programs


We are open, transparent, consistent and accountable


We treat people fairly and with dignity


We seek out creative approaches to improve our services


We approach our work with conviction and enthusiasm

Our Goals

Our goals describe the key focus areas of our work. They help us prioritize our efforts and resources.

CSP Goals