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Housing Policies

Burnaby has defined a number of housing policies and programs to meet the community’s diverse housing needs and address, within the confines of its mandate and resources, the issues of housing supply and affordability. These policies and programs include the following:

Adaptable Housing Policy

An adaptable housing unit has features that can be easily modified to accommodate the changing accessibility requirements of residents over time. Burnaby requires adaptable design in new multi-family residential developments that are approved through the Comprehensive Development (CD) rezoning process. For most developments, at least 20% of the single-level units must have adaptable design; for purpose-built seniors housing, this percentage increases to 100%. As an incentive, the Burnaby Zoning Bylaw provides a 1.85 m2 (approximately 20 sf) floor area exemption for every adaptable housing unit.

Affordable Units Policy

This policy applies to newly developing communities on publicly-owned land, and seeks to obtain 20% of the new units for non-market rental housing. To date, the program has resulted in the development of 390 non-market housing units at Oaklands, George Derby, Cariboo Heights, and the former Burnaby South Secondary School site in the Edmonds Town Centre.

Deferral of Development Cost Charges and Permit Fees

This policy allows for the deferral of applicable City development cost charges and permit fees for non-market housing projects for a period of up to 24 months commencing from the time of final development approval. This policy helps defer costs early in the development schedule, during the difficult period prior to the generation of cash flow. View the policy »

Fast-Track Approvals Policy

This policy ensures that priority is given to processing applications for non-market housing during the development application review process. View the policy »

Flex-Suites Policy

The Burnaby Zoning Bylaw permits secondary suites in multiple family dwelling units in the P11 zone at UniverCity, a new urban village located adjacent to Simon Fraser University (SFU). Sometimes known as “lock-off units,” these suites provide affordable housing for both university students and others wishing to live near campus.

Group Home Policy

This policy supports community-based residential opportunities for citizens with special needs while ensuring that group homes are developed in a planned, balanced manner with adequate support systems. View the policy »

Rental Conversion Control Policy

This policy prohibits strata conversion of purpose-built multiple-family rental housing. Active since 1974, this policy has helped to preserve much of the purpose built rental housing stock that was built with federal subsidies between the 1950s and 1980s. View the policy »

Tenant Assistance Policy

This policy requires submittal of a Tenant Assistance Plan, as a condition of rezoning approval, for proposals affecting tenanted buildings with six or more units that will be demolished through the development process. Plan guidelines include a minimum of three months’ notice; a minimum of three months rental payment compensation; and assistance to tenants in seeking alternative accommodation. Tenant Assistance Plans are a prerequisite to rezoning approval for all qualifying redevelopment proposals. Learn more »

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