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Facilities Management

Who We Are

The Facilities Management Division budgets and administers the maintenance and building component renewal programs for more than 100 civic buildings and undertakes the maintenance program for more than 160 rental properties.

To support these programs, the Facilities Management division has a full complement of Coordinators, and in-house carpenter, plumber, and painter tradespersons.

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What We Do

Maintenance Program

This includes predictive, preventative and on-demand maintenance. Through predictive and preventative maintenance:

  1. Unexpected interruption of service to facilities can be minimized
  2. The cost of unplanned major repairs can be avoided
  3. Life safety systems and direct digital control (DDC) systems can be verified for proper operations

The division also offers on-demand maintenance service responding to urgent calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call Emergency Dispatch at 604-294-7200

Building Component Renewal Planning

This planning allows us to plan for future equipment retrofits and replacements and to perform budget forecasting for the capital program. Our plan is based on condition assessments through the tracking of building components’ service life and repair history. 

Energy Management

Facilities Management is also responsible for energy management of its civil facilities while maintaining occupant comfort. Through the use of heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting control systems, civic buildings are programmed precisely to conserve energy. This results in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  Energy efficiency consideration plays a key role in the selection of equipment.  The division promotes and continues to look for ways to conserve energy.

Contact Us

Please contact us directly:

Facilities Management
Phone: 604-294-7424

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