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Safety and Security

Who We Are

Safety and Security at the City of Burnaby works to ensure a safe property and land environment for business, workers, residents and visitors to the City.

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What We Do

We focus our Safety and Security programming into:

  • Occupational Health and Safety programming: safety programs, outside operations, Workers' Compensation issues, implementation, policies and procedures, inspections;
  • Liaisons with Workers' Compensation Board and Ministry of Environment on certain issues;
  • City Hall and West Building security, including after-hours access; and
  • Asbestos management program for all City-owned buildings.

If you think that you have seen unsafe work in your area, please contact the Building Department at 604-294-7130. If the unsafe work is on public land, the Safety and Security Officer can assist you. Call 604-294-7221 

Our Occupational Health and Safety Programming:

The City of Burnaby recognizes that the health and safety of its employees and the public is of primary importance in all its operations. Therefore, it is the policy of our City to actively promote and sustain a healthy and safe work environment. Our goal is to have an accident-free and healthy workplace in which to work. With the implementation of our Occupational Health and Safety Program and with the support and participation of all employees, this goal can be achieved.

The City of Burnaby has an Occupational Health and Safety Committee with several sub-committees. The committees meet once each month and discuss ways of promoting safety and to make recommendations on safety practices and general policy with respect to occupational health and safety. The committees also carry out regular site inspections of workplaces in regards to health and safety.

The Engineering Department is responsible for developing work safety procedures in accordance with the Workers Compensation Board's regulations. It is the practice of the City of Burnaby that written and practical instructions are developed and maintained, on an ongoing basis, to minimize construction hazards likely to be encountered by our workers in the performance of their duties. These procedures are for the public's safety as well as the safety of our workers. An example would be the procedures that are followed when setting up traffic control at job sites. Signs and barricades are placed in and around work sites to warn the public of possible disruptions or irregularities. Flag people are used when required to direct traffic and to allow the safe passage of motorists and pedestrians around a work site. Vehicle mounted warning lights and directional arrows are used to delineate the work area where necessary. By following the directions of the construction signage and controls you can help to ensure your own safety as well as the crews.

Contact Us

We can be reached through the Engineering General Enquiries line:
Phone: 604-294-7460

To report unsafe work, please contact
Building Department: 604-294-7130
Safety and Security Officer (for unsafe work on public land): 604-294-7399


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