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Survey Division

Who We Are

The City of Burnaby’s Survey Division is responsible for carrying out the surveying (legal and engineering) required by all branches of the City administration.

The survey division maintains both horizontal and vertical (elevation) control data, such as copies of Land Title Office plans, Integrated Survey Monument information and benchmark monument elevations.

We are a resource for all departments in determining the status of title to land. Our resourcing includes computer (and manual) searches of Land Title Office records and a professional experience and knowledge of B.C. Land Surveyors.


What We Do

Survey Services

The Survey Division of the Engineering provides the following services within the City:

  • Legal SurveySubdivision plans of city-owned property
  • Right-of-way plans for city sewers, waterlines, etc.
  • Road dedication plans
  • Road exchange bylaw plans
  • Road closure bylaw plans
  • Park dedication bylaw plans
  • Church tax exempt bylaw plans
Engineering Surveying
  • Sewer, road, water, etc. preliminary plans
  • Sewer, road, water, etc. construction layout surveys
  • Surveys for sewer connections at property line
  • Leveling surveys to maintain elevations for Benchmark monuments
  • Pavement rehabilitation program – preliminary surveys (creating profile and cross section plans for design) and construction layout (after design)
Survey Division Data (available at City Hall, 4th Floor Engineering)
  • Copies of legal survey plans (free to homeowners)
  • Location sketches and elevations of benchmarks
  • Horizontal and vertical control monument data for Integrated Survey Monument
  • Benchmark data available on the City’s Webmap 

Contact Us

We can be reached through the Engineering General Enquiries line:
Phone: 604-294-7460
Email: engineering@burnaby.ca


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