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About Burnaby
APEGBC Environment Award
Award of Merit for Building Projects
BCRPA Facility Excellence Award for Edmonds Community Centre
Best Repurposing of Descriptive Data Award
Best Run City in Canada
Blue Community Award
Child Care Award of Excellence
Environmental Awareness and Knowledge Award
International Portal of the Year Award
IOC-IAKS Bronze Award
ITS Project Award
Outstanding Steel Structure Award
Overall Sustainability Award
Planning Excellence Award
Project of the Year Award
Sustainable Communities Award
Coat of Arms & City Symbols
Green Burnaby
Water Bodies
Heritage Burnaby
Burnaby Remembers
Burnaby's Documentary Heritage: 100 Years of Record Keeping
Freemen of Burnaby
James Alfred Barrington
Richard Bolton
Charles Boyer Brown
William John Copeland
Eileen E. Dailly
Douglas Patrick Drummond
John Douglas Drummond
Douglas G. Evans
Michael J. Fox
George Alford Grant
George Green
Charles Willoughby MacSorley
George Andrew Morrison
Dr. Egon Nikolai
Major-General George Randolph Pearkes
William Arthur Pritchard
Robert William Prittie
Celeste M.H. Redman
Robert James Robertson
Victor Stusiak
From the Heart: The Freeman Legacy
Heritage Interpretation Plaques & Signs
Burnaby Archives
Population & Quick Stats
Historical Trends 1891-2011
Growth Projections 2021-2041
Town Centres
Planning Study Areas (2006)
Planning Study Area 1 – Burnaby Heights
Planning Study Area 2 – Willingdon Heights
Planning Study Area 3 – West Central Valley
Planning Study Area 5 - Brentwood
Planning Study Area 6 - Capitol Hill
Planning Study Area 7 - Parkcrest-Aubrey
Planning Study Area 10 - Government Road
Planning Study Area 11 - Sperling-Broadway
Planning Study Area 12 - Lochdale
Planning Study Area 13 - Westridge
Planning Study Area 14 - Burnaby Mountain
Planning Study Area 15 - Lake City
Planning Study Area 16 - Lyndhurst
Planning Study Area 17 - Cameron
Planning Study Area 18 - Cariboo-Armstrong
Planning Study Area 19 - Second Street
Planning Study Area 20 - Edmonds
Planning Study Area 21 - Stride Avenue
Planning Study Area 22 - Stride Hill
Planning Study Area 23 - Big Bend
Planning Study Area 24 - Clinton-Glenwood
Planning Study Area 25 - Sussex-Nelson
Planning Study Area 26 - Suncrest
Planning Study Area 27 - Maywood
Planning Study Area 28 - Garden Village
Planning Study Area 29 - Cascade-Schou
Planning Study Area 30 - Douglas-Gilpin
Planning Study Area 31 - Marlborough
Planning Study Area 32 - Windsor
Planning Study Area 33 - Kingsway-Beresford
Planning Study Area 34 - Richmond Park
Planning Study Area 35 - Morley-Buckingham
Planning Study Area 36 - Lakeview-Mayfield
Planning Study Area 37 - Oakalla
Quick Facts
Getting Around
Location and Maps
News & Media
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Photo & Video Gallery
About Burnaby Gallery
Community Links
Strategic Directions
Good Things Happening Here
Corporate Strategic Plan
Environmental Sustainability
Social Sustainability
Economic Sustainability
Community Development
Sister & Friendship Cities
Burnaby | Kushiro Golden Jubilee Anniversary
Golden Jubilee Visit Album
Things To Do
Calendar of Events
Be Active Programs
Leisure Guide
Registration Information
Children's Fitness & Arts Tax Credit
Financial Assistance
Leisure Guide Advertising
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Rates & Schedules
Fitness Classes
Class Descriptions
Racquet Courts
Private Swim Lessons
Red Cross Swim Preschool Lessons
Red Cross Swim Kids Lessons
Become a Lifeguard
Weight Training
Yoga & Pilates at Bonsor
Be Active Pass
Programs for Everyone
Preschool Programs
Programs for Children
Grade 5 Be Active
Birthday Parties & Sleepovers
Bill Copeland Skating Parties
Eileen Dailly Birthday Parties
Kensington Skating Parties
Willingdon Birthday Parties
Edmonds Birthday Parties
Children Camps
Programs for Youth
Youth Resources
Programs for Adults
Personal Training
Accessible Programs
Adapted Equipment
Adapted Programs
Program Support - Allergies
Program Support - Disabilities
Affordable Fun
After School Programs
After School Survey: South Central
Afterschool Survey: Northeast
Afterschool Survey: Northwest
Afterschool Survey: Southwest
Afterschool Survey: Southeast
Physical Literacy
Physical Literacy for Preschoolers
Physical Literacy For Children
Community Centres
Bill Copeland Sports Centre
Lacrosse / Wood Sports Floor
Bonsor Recreation Complex
Bonsor Arts Programs
Long-term Dance
Long-term Dance Instructors
Instructor Profile
Visual Arts & Theatre
Childminding at Bonsor
Drop-in Gym at Bonsor
Fitness Classes at Bonsor
Racquets at Bonsor
Court Booking At Bonsor
Table Tennis at Bonsor
Bonsor Centre for 55+
Swimming at Bonsor
Weights & Cardio Room at Bonsor
Yoga & Pilates
C.G. Brown Memorial Pool
Swimming at C.G. Brown
Weights & Cardio Room at C.G. Brown
Cameron Recreation Complex
Drop-in Gym
Cameron Fitness & Indoor Cycling
Indoor Tennis at Cameron
Racquet Sports at Cameron
Cameron Seniors (55+) Centre
Weights & Cardio at Cameron
Edmonds Community Centre
Swimming at Edmonds
Fred Randall
Children's Programs
Multi-purpose Rooms
Edmonds 55+
Weight & Cardio Room at Edmonds
Youth Lounge
Edmonds Park
Public Art
Pool & Centre Features
Parking at Edmonds
Edmonds Art Programs
Dance - Instructor Profiles
Visual Arts & Theatre
Visual Arts & Theatre - Instructor Profiles
Music - Instructor Profiles
Eileen Dailly Leisure Pool & Fitness Centre
Childminding at Eileen Dailly
Fitness Classes at Eileen Dailly
Swimming at Eileen Dailly
Weights & Cardio Room at Eileen Dailly
Kensington Complex
Preschool & Children Programs
South Burnaby Arena – Twin Rinks
Willingdon Community Centre
Weights & Cardio Room at Willingdon
Seniors (55+) Centres
Confederation Community Centre
Weights & Cardio Room at Confederation
Coffee Bar & Lunch Program
Fitness Classes at Confederation Centre
Youth Centres
Creekside Youth Centre
Edmonds Youth
South Central Youth Centre
Summit Youth Centre
Other Centres
Charles Rummel Centre
Forest Grove
University Highlands
Wesburn Community Centre
South Burnaby Arena Feedback Survey
Arts & Heritage
Arts at Bonsor Complex
Burnaby Art Gallery
The Moveable Feast: Holly Schmidt
Landed: Jaynus O'Donnell
BAG Credit Janyus ODonell
Lyndl Hall: On Fixing Position
Lyndl Hall Credit
From the Collection
From the Collection Credit
The Gaze of History: Portraits from the Collection
The Gaze Caption
Online Exhibitions
Past Exhibitions
2011 Exhibitions
2010 Exhibitions
2009 Exhibitions
Arts Alive 2012
Arts Alive Credit
Renee Van Halm
Renee Van Halm Credit
2012 Exhibitions
2013 Exhibitions
Lynda Cuddy - A Exhibition Series
Deborah Koenker: The Mexican Night
Micah Lexier: Working as a Drawing
Micah Lexier: Working as a Drawing Credit
Terrance Houle
Terrance Houle Credit
Familiar Strangers / Les Etrangers Familiers
Familiar Strangers Credit
Nic Vandergugten
Nick Vandergugten Credit
Gillian Worsley: Civil Disobedience
Gillian Worsley Credit
Barry Peterson & Blaise Enright: West Coast Literary Portraits
Barry Peterson & Blaise Enright Credit
Bill Jeffries: The Lougheed Drive-In Swap Meet, Summer 1978
Bill Jeffries Credit
By Any Other Name
By Any Other Name Credit
The Artist Poster Show
The Artist Poster Show Credit
Ashley Culver and John Stocking: Upon Close Observation
Ashley Culver Image Credit
Jack Akroyd: Works from the Burnaby Art Gallery Permanent Collection
Jack Akroyd Credit
Arts Alive and Focus on the Collection: Wood Engraving
Arts Alive Credit
Amber Albrecht
Amber Albrecht Image Credit
Monotypes: An Edition of One
Monotypes Image Credit
Paul de Guzman
Paul de Guzman Image Credit
Shinsuke Minegishi and Shifting Margins: Emily Carr and Irene Hoffar Reid
Shinsuke Minegishi Image Credit
John Koerner: A One Hundredth Year Celebration
John Koerner Image Credit
New Acquisitions
Brendan Fernandes Image Credit
Kiosk Photo Credit
Pierre Leichner: Topographies
As Seen on TV: Works from the Collection
Jen Weih: How Deep Is Your Disaster
Inner Realms: Dutch Portraits
Storms and Bright Skies: Three Centuries of Dutch Landscapes
Harry Booth: Corners/Cutlines
Lionel Thomas: Works from the Collection
Michael Dumontier: The Sky and the Ground (for Remy Charlip)
Volumes: Works in Paper
Haydn Thomas: ESC CTRL
Rare Books
The Natural Numeral
Recent Acquisitions of First Nations and Inuit Prints
Janice Wu
Paul and Wendy Projects
Saskia Jetten
Arts Alive
Street Banners
Portals of Time: Best of Famous Empty Sky
Stuart McCall
Frozen Light: Photographic Works from the Collection
Linda Ohama
Bob Steele: Collages
Baba's House: Lucien Durey and Katie Kozak
Gathie Falk: paperworks
Tin Can Studio
Anna Wong
Azawad Libre! New Media and Imagined Geographies in the Sahel
In Wait: Full Circle Art Collective and Works from the Permanent Collection
Ben Frey
Vivienne Kubik: Works from the Malaspina Printshop Archive of the City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection
Art Sale & Fundraiser
All is Unmentionable, Up in the Air: Eli Bornowsky
Cory Collins
Visualizing a Culture for Strangers: Chinese Export Paintings of the Nineteenth Century
Maya Beaudry
Bernadette Phan: Lili and the Migratory Influences
Alan Wood: Winter Ranch Series
Scott Massey: Unstable Ground
Gravure Automatique: Dalla Husband at Atelier 17
Arts Alive 2015
Laura Widmer
People With Cameras
Jack Akroyd
Robert Bigelow: Daily Practice
Ward Teulon: Growing Season
Alex Morrison
Layers: Print and Beyond (Gillian Armitage, Kim Mi Hyang and Marie Price)
Maps and Mapping
Selections from the Image Bank Postcard Show
The Many Worlds of Jack Wise
Brigitta Kocsis: Universal Gravitation
New Acquisitions
Gordon Friesen: Beyond Kingsway
Diana Kemble: Selections from the Birdsong Series
Arts Alive 2016
Take Care: New Work by Hannah Bennett
From the Collection: The Rainbow Show
Michiko Suzuki: Hope Chests
Eight Prints: A 1959 Print Portfolio by Artists from Victoria
Randall Anderson: Noticings
Joe Fafard: Retailles
Marty Levenson: Now and Then
Keith Langergraber: Betrayal at Babylon
Ben Duncan: Ever Onward
H.E. Bergman & Season's Greetings
Ephemera from The Paper Hound
Heather Aston: Waiting to Bloom/Waiting to Fly
Hank Bull: Connexion
Remembering Ingeborg Raymer
Robert R. Reid: ‘Allied Arts’ Affirmative
The Errand and the Epiphany
Brian Grison: Adventures of a Drawing Boy
Arts Alive 2017
The Salish Weave Collection: Works on Paper
4th National Burnaby Print Show Invited Artists: Works from the Collection
Arnold Shives: People
Tara Nicholson: Arctic Claims
Les McKinnon: Reflecting on Headlines
The Ornament of a House: 50 Years of Collecting
Wayne Eastcott: From the Collection and Promised Gifts
Hazel King: Reduction Linocuts from a Burnaby Studio
Tania Willard: dissimulation
Tania Willard: dissimulation
Alicia Nauta: Two nostalgias facing each other like mirrors
Hot Wheels: Depictions of Cars from the Collection
Touring Exhibitions
Sylvia Tait: Journey
Island Illustrators Society: Big Canadian Stuff
Surface Tension: Recent Work by Gary Sim
Molly Lamb Bobak: Talk of the Town
Julie McIntyre: Travel Stories
In Stitches: Gillian Armitage, Harry Armstrong, Sylvia Tait
Caitlin McDonagh: In These Places
Ken Faulks: Commercially Viable
Estudio Mitl: ANÍMALES
Arts Alive 2018
David Ostrem: Why Won't You Be Art?
Jeff Ladouceur: Pearl Path
Anna Wong: Traveller on Two Roads
Visitor Survey: Anna Wong Exhibition
Please Be Seated
Ground Zero Printmakers: From Montreal to Victoria, Image and Connection
Selection from #BookFaceFridays
Ron Eckert: Works from the City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection
Picturing Arctic Modernity – North Baffin Drawing from 1964
Cole Pauls: Pizza Punks
Correspondence from Jason McLean
Lynne Cohen: These Walls
Lynne Cohen: These Walls
Cloud Art: Paper Marbling by Candace Thayer-Coe
How's the Weather? Works from the Collection
Sewing Lessons: Hybrid Prints by Laurie Mackie
Marie Price: Some Assembly Required
Arts Alive 2019: Math & Art
Women's Work: New Acquisitions
Harry Grunsky: The Tree
Full Circle Collective: Passage of Time
Saints, Sinners and Souvenirs: Italian Masterworks on Paper
Angela Nagy: Behind Closed Eyes
Marianna Schmidt: Repatriated Works
Roxsane Tiernan: Paper on the Move
Ron Stonier: Painted Paper
Genevieve Robertson: Looking Through a Hole in the Earth
Public Programs
Burnaby Art Gallery Programs Survey
Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
School Programs
Gallery Tours and Workshops
Outreach Workshops
BAG in a Box
Career Programs
Anna Wong: Multilingual Online Guides for Educators
Programs for Homelearners
Professional Development for Educators
Collections & Research
Public Art
Repatriation Ceremony: Raven During the Flood Totem Pole
Volunteer Opportunities
About the Burnaby Art Gallery
Contact Us
Job Opportunities
Facility Rental
Burnaby Art Gallery Photo Gallery
Historical Highlights
Mandate, Values and Role
Donation and Sponsorship
Plan Your Visit
Burnaby Village Museum
Our Village
Community Arts
Celebrating Diversity Quilt Project
Creekside Youth Mural
Crows On The Flight Path Fence Art Project
Empty Bowls Community Arts Project
Journeys: We All Have A Story
Mural Legacy Project at Westridge
"Respect" Tile Mural
Stream Mosaic Path
"Peace of Art" Gift Bag Project
Stoney Creek Banner Project
World Flag Project
Cameron Park Dragonfly Mosaic Project
“Community of Sea Life”
Ernie Winch Park Inclusion Mural
"Peaceful Environment" Mural
Wesburn Healthy Living Mural
Maywood 'STAR' Mural
Burnaby Park Bin Project
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
Arts Programs at the Shadbolt
Dance Instructors
Dance Accompanists
Youth In Motion
Continuum Dance Company
Ceramic Arts Instructors
Media Arts
Media Arts Instructors
Music Instructors
Literary Arts
Literary Arts Instructors
Theatre Arts
Theatre Instructors
Visual Arts
Visual Arts Instructors
Shadbolt Community Arts
Instructor Profiles
Arts Programs Events
Jazz Jam
Sound Bites
Art on the Spot
Student Performances
Submission Guidelines
Art Supply Shop
Theatre Season
Box Office
Festivals & Events at the Shadbolt & Deer Lake
Food & Beverage Vendors
Volunteer Opportunities
About the Shadbolt
Visitor Information
Outdoor Facilities
Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion
Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West
Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West Photo Gallery
Dog Off-Leash Areas
Metro Skate Park
Skating Zones
Child's Play Area
Environmentally Friendly Construction
Confederation Skate Park
Mountain Air Bike Skills Park
Mountain Air Bike Skills Park Features
Outdoor Pools
Outdoor Courts
Play Pickleball
Play Areas
Picnic Sites
Sports Fields
Sports Field Status
Playing Fields
Burnaby Central Secondary School Track and Field
Swangard Stadium
Swangard Stadium Photo Gallery
Golf Courses
Burnaby Mountain
Book An Event
Central Park Pitch & Putt
Kensington Pitch & Putt
Learn To Golf
Clubhouse Restaurant Reservations
Explore Outdoors
Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area
History and Features
Trails on Burnaby Mountain
Playground of the Gods
Velodrome Trail
Central Park
History of Central Park
Photo Gallery
Outdoor Fitness Circuit
Outdoor Fitness Circuit Photo Gallery
Perimeter Trail at Central Park
Confederation Park
Photo Gallery
Playground & Spray Pad Area
Kensington Park
Robert Burnaby Park
Photo Gallery
Taylor Park
Family Area at Taylor Park
History of Taylor Park
Willingdon Linear Park
Project History & Design Concept
Parks Planning & Development
Shorelines & Lakes
Barnet Marine Park
Drummond's Walk
History of Barnet Marine Park
Photo Gallery
East Parking Lot Construction
Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park
Outdoor Fitness Circuit
Deer Lake Park
Festival Lawn
Photo Gallery
Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park
Nature Trails & Walks
Nature Trails for Everyone
Heritage Walking Tour
Repairs, Updates & Closures
Bike Routes & Urban Trails
Bike Routes
Central Valley Greenway
BC Parkway & Highland Park Line
Rumble Street Urban Trail
Willingdon Linear Park
Central Park Perimeter Trail
Picnic Sites
Casual Picnic Sites
Corporate Picnic Sites
Organized Picnics
Reserving A Picnic Site
Play Areas
Brentwood Park Playground Activities
Cameron Park Playground Activities
Cariboo Park Playground Activities
Charles Rummel Playground Activities
Civic Square Activities
Confederation Park
David Gray Park Playground Activities
Edmonds Park Playground Activities
Ernie Winch Playground Activities
Forest Glen Park Playground Activities
Forest Grove Playground Activities
George Green Park Playground Activities
Keswick Park Playground Activities
Lou Moro Park Playground Activities
Maywood Park Playground Activities
McGill Park Playground Activities
Rene Park Playground Actitivites
Ron McLean Park Playground Activities
Suncrest Park
Wading Pools and Spray Pads
Warner Loat Park
Wesburn Park Playground Activities
Willingdon Heights Park Playground Activities
Creating an Eco-sculpture
Eco-sculpture Supporters
Eco-sculpture Sponsorship
Eco-Sculptures in the Community
Centennial Rose Garden
Century Gardens
Eagles Estate Heritage Garden
Flower Displays
Dogs in Parks
Dog Off-Leash Areas
Improving Accessibility
Festivals & Events
Burnaby Blooms
Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival
Burnaby Chalk Art Experience
Chalk Artists
Burnaby Youth Week
Canada Day
Culture Days in Canada
Environment Week
City-Wide Garage Sale Day Event
Fall & Winter Fun
Family Day
Farmers' Market
Giro di Burnaby
Halloween Fun
Hats Off Day
Haunted Village
Heritage Christmas
Holiday Fun
Local Government Awareness Week
Summer Fun
Blues + Roots Dinner Series
Sounds Like Summer
Summer Fun at Civic Square
Symphony in the Park
World Rivers Day
Visitor Resources
Getting Around
Be Involved In Burnaby
Citizen Recognition
Citizens' Plaza Pavers
Public Safety Award
Public Safety Award History
2008 Public Safety Award Recipient
2009 Public Safety Award Recipient
2016 Public Safety Award Recipients
Environmental Awards Program
Nomination Form
Kushiro Cup
Citizen of the Year Nomination
Kushiro Cup History
2014 Citizen of the Year
2013 Citizen of the Year
2015 Citizen of the Year
2016 Citizens of the Year
2017 Kushiro Cup Winner
2018 Kushiro Cup Winner
Local Heroes
Youth Week Citizenship Awards
Festivals Burnaby
2013 Grants
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Sponsorship & Donations
Camps and Playgrounds Volunteers
Volunteer at a Community Centre
Aquatic Services
Volunteer with Seniors 55+ Recreation Services
Arena Services
Preschool, Children and Community Services
Access Services
City Services
Garbage & Recycling
Every Other Week Garbage Collection
Single Family Collection & Schedule
Single Family Green Bin Guidelines
Single Family Recycling Guidelines
Single Family Garbage Guidelines
Garbage Disposal Fees
Garbage Disposal Fees FAQs
Multi-Family Collection
Multi-Family Green Bin Guidelines
Multi-Family Recycling Guidelines
Multi-Family Garbage Guidelines
Commercial Collection
Organics and Clean Wood Disposal Bans
Multi-Family Food Scraps Recycling
Collection Schedule App
Frequently Asked Questions
Large Item & Appliance Pick-Up
Solid Waste & Recycling Bylaw Changes
Education & Resources
Annual Reports
Automated Garbage & Yard Trimmings Collection
Banned and Prohibited Materials
Provincial Take-Back Programs
Litter Awareness
Holiday Waste Reduction
Wildlife & Waste
Expanded Residential Recycling
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26 Steps To Emergency Preparedness
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What We Do
Fraser River Flood Response Plan
Environmental Emergency Response
Community Policing
Community Safety News and Tips
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Auxiliary Constable Program
Block Watch
Business Watch
Frequently Asked Questions
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Citizens' Crime Watch
Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program
Victim Services
Youth Services
Park Safety
Safe Harbour
Task Force on Sexually Exploited and At-Risk Youth
Burnaby RCMP
Bike Patrol Program
Welcome to the City of Burnaby Fire Department
Fire Prevention
Fire Safety Plans
Fire Safety Plan Symbols
Permits, Applications & Fees
Burning Permits
Storage Tank Permits
Fire Report Requests
Fire Safety Plan Review
Fireworks Permit
Public Education
Spring/Summer Seasonal Tips
Fall/Winter Seasonal Tips
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Career as a Burnaby Firefighter
Recruitment Process
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Driveway Crossing
Traffic Control Permit
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Notice to Motorists Regarding Pothole Damage Claims
Temporary POD - Container Placement
Requesting a Temporary Construction Zone
Closure/Hooding of a Metered Space
Road Maintenance
Street Lights & Traffic Signals
Street Signs & Markings
View, Sidewalk & Lane Obstructions
Truck Routes
Local Area Service
Be Snow Smart
Our Role as a City
Your Role as a Resident or Business
Snow Smart Tips
Highway 1 Traffic Cameras
Contact Us
Bylaws, Violations & Enforcement
Zoning Bylaw
Bylaw Enforcement
Report a Sign for Bylaw Enforcement
Parking Tickets
Adjudication Process
How Does Adjudication Work?
Payment Options
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Animal Control
Report Graffiti Online Form
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Permits & Licences
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Online Dog Licence Renewal
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Marriage Licence
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Maps and Open Data
Burnaby Map
Open Data Portal
Land Use Maps and Community Plans
Preliminary Plan Approval (PPA)
Zoning Bylaw
Growth Management and Development
Community Benefit Bonus Policy
City Lands Program for Non-Market Housing/City Land Leases
Housing Policies
Tenant Assistance
Housing Advocacy and Partnerships
Environmental Planning
Environmental Review Committee
Developing Around Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Green Development
Climate Change
Urban Agriculture
Community Gardens
Caring For Our Environment
Social Planning
Access and Inclusion
Children and Child Care
Civic Engagement
Community Capacity Building and Support
Food Security
Healthier Community Partnership
Indigenous Peoples
Intercultural Policies and Initiatives
Youth and Youth Engagement
Transportation Planning
Burnaby Transportation Plan Update
Walking in Burnaby
Burnaby Mountain Gondola
Heritage Planning
Heritage Planning Program
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Stewardship of Civic Heritage Properties
Fees & Development Cost Charges
New Rezoning and Subdivision Servicing Agreement
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Burnaby Tree Bylaw
Secondary Suite Program
Tabulation Reports
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Northwest Burnaby Community Centres
Burnaby Lake Aquatic & Arena Facility
Building Burnaby's Community Safety Plan
Community Housing
Corporate Strategic Plan
Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS)
Implementation: Putting the ESS and CEEP into Action
Electric Vehicles in Burnaby
Green Buildings in Burnaby
Questionnaire – Part 9 Energy Step Code
ESS + You
Community Energy and Emissions Plan
Quick Facts
Burnaby's Environmental Achievements
Policies and Background Reports
ESS Process
Environmental Superheroes
Victoria Day at Burnaby Village Museum
Hat's Off Day
Environment Festival
Youth Video Contest
Steering Committee
Green Initiatives and Public Education
European Chafer Turf Pest
European Chafer Beetle Nematode Program
West Nile
Invasive Species
Water Conservation
Burnaby Streamkeepers Program
Let It Grow Naturally
Environmental Policies and Regulations
Land Development
Minor Work Permit and Agreement Requirements
Parks and Conservation Areas
Community Development and Ecosystem Protection
Urban Forest and Invasive Species Management
Noise & Sound Abatement
Social Sustainability
Public Education
Economic Sustainability
Community Development
Community Benefit Bonus Policy
Community Plans
Lougheed Town Centre Core Area Master Plan
Gilmore Place Conceptual Master Plan
Metrotown Downtown Plan
Grove Master Plan
Major Development Projects
Town Centre Standards
Gilmore Overpass Project
Burnaby Mountain Gondola
Dike Upgrade at Fraser Foreshore Park
Empire Drive Upgrade Project
Rentals & Catering
Banquets & Weddings
Alan Emmott Centre
Alan Emmott Photo Gallery
Bill Copeland Sports Centre
Bill Copeland Photo Gallery
Bonsor Banquet Hall
Bonsor Photo Gallery
Burnaby Art Gallery
Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion
Burnaby Lake Pavilion Photo Gallery
Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse
Burnaby Village Museum
Burnaby Village Museum Photo Gallery
Charles Rummel Centre
Confederation Centre
Confederation Centre Photo Gallery
Edmonds Community Centre
Edmonds Photo Gallery
Riverway Clubhouse
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
Banquets & Weddings at the Shadbolt
Shadbolt Centre Photo Gallery
Kiln Rental at the Shadbolt
Meetings & Seminars at the Shadbolt
Theatre & Performance Space at the Shadbolt
Wesburn Community Centre
Wesburn Photo Gallery
Alan Emmott
Bill Copeland Sports Centre
Burnaby Village Museum
Kensington Complex
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
Willingdon Community Centre
Outdoor Events
Civic Square
Deer Lake Park Festival Lawn
Swangard Stadium
Cultural Performance Space
Burnaby Art Gallery
Burnaby Village Museum
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
Sports Fields
CITY Catering
Rental Contact Information
Property Taxes & Utilities
My Property Portal
Home Owner Grant
Property Tax
Tax Certificates
Tax Deferments
Tax Sale
Taxing Authorities
Permissive Tax Exemptions
Property Assessment Value Changes
Local Area Service Levy
Historical Tax Rates
Additional Information
Utility Charges
How to Pay Property Taxes and Utilities
Pre-Authorized Debit Plan (PAD)
Receiving Electronic Statements
Fees, Charges and Penalties
Contact Us
Water & Sewers
Water Conservation
Water Conservation Tools
Watering Restrictions
Lawn Watering FAQs
Poster Contest Winners
Drinking Water
Drinking Water Week
Drinking Water Quality Data
Water Pressure Changes
Storm & Sanitary Sewers
Protecting Your Watershed
Illegal Discharge to Waterways
Working Around Waterways
Fish, Birds and Wildlife
Engineering Permits
Water & Sewers FAQs
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Doing Business
Burnaby Business Profile
Labour & Employment
Business With Burnaby
Bid Opportunities
Bid Listing
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Asset Identification Drawings and Payment Requirements
Projects Delivered Prior to December 31, 2015
Projects To Be Delivered After January 1, 2016
Living Wage Program
Fair Wages Policy and Standard Agreements
Property Bid Packages
City Rental Property Management
Credit Card Merchant Fee Recovery
Vendor Information
BizPaL Business Permits and Licences
Permits & Licences
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Places To Do Business
Town Centres
Business Centres
Discovery Place - BCIT
Discovery Place - SFU
Marine Way Estates
Marine Way/Boundary
Glenlyon Estates
Riverfront Business Park
Burnaby Business Park
Glenwood Industrial Estates
Bridge Business Park
Holdom Business Centre
Lake City Business Centre
Willingdon Park
Dominion/Canada Way
Eastbrook Executive Park
Willingdon Green Business Centre
Deer Lake Business Centre
Urban Villages
Filming in Burnaby
Policies and Guidelines
Filming Fees
Obtaining an Electrical Permit
Registering Your Property as a Film Location
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Business Property Safety
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Our City Hall
Contacts & Location
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