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Contact Us

Name Phone Number
Director/Curator Ellen van Eijnsbergen 604-297-4426
Assistant Curator Jennifer Cane 604-297-4425
Exhibition Coordinator/Preparator Robert MacIntyre 604-297-4424
Collections Assistant Hilary Letwin 604-297-4852
Gallery Secretary Alicia Ellis 604-297-4422
Fine Arts Programmer (Acting)
Sara Graham 604-297-4858
Marketing & Sponsorship Coordinator
Parm Johal 604-297-4857
Fine Arts Leader  Pat Beaton 604-297-4413
Fine Arts Leader 
Serene Porter 604-297-4413
Volunteer Coordinator Caragh Robinsmith 604-297-4414
Burnaby Art Gallery Fax   604-205-7339
General Inquiries  604-297-4422

The Burnaby Art Gallery functions on an invitational basis, and does not accept unsolicited exhibition proposals. We encourage local artists to contact the Burnaby Arts Council regarding exhibition opportunities.


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