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Mandate, Values and Role

Burnaby Art Gallery Mandate

The Burnaby Art Gallery operates as an art museum, gallery and community forum to explore and advance knowledge, appreciation and understanding of contemporary and historical visual art through exhibition, programming and collection services in traditional and non-traditional contexts and places in and outside the City of Burnaby.

Institutional Core Values:

  • Art has the ability to make the abstract tangible
  • Ideas are the foundations for actions
  • Education creates knowledge
  • Learning is a lifelong endeavour
  • Experiences shape our view of the world and how we interact with one another
  • Collections represent our heritage

Role of Institution:

  • Provide experiences for art museum visitors and program participants (public and school) that challenge their creativity, ideas, norms, values, identity, and beliefs in order to create greater understanding of the ideas behind contemporary and historical art, the artists that create work so that greater visual arts literacy within the communities that the BAG serves is developed.
  • Act as a leader in the collection, preservation and exhibition of those artists who choose to work on paper–the only public art museum in Canada dedicated to works of art on paper. Through our collection and exhibition practices the BAG endeavours to represent the best and most promising Canadian artists.
  • Act as a community forum and gathering place for the dissemination of ideas. This is accomplished through free public talks, symposia, and community outreach projects (libraries and non-traditional art museum spaces such as shopping malls, public squares, and community centres) related to exhibitions and public art events that occur within and outside of the art gallery.

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