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Welcome to the media room, where media releases for current and upcoming exhibitions, collections and outreach exhibits can be viewed or downloaded from the website. For high-resolution images or to have your contact added to our media list please e-mail the Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator. All media inquiries should be directed to Parm Johal, Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator.

2019 Media Releases

04/24/19   Arts Alive 2019: Math & Art and Transitions
02/27/19   Lynne Cohen: These Walls

2018 Media Releases

10/30/18   Exhibition of Inuit Drawings at Burnaby Art Gallery Captures a Time of Change
09/12/18   BAG Contributes to Higher Learning
08/07/18   BAG Presents Anna Wong: Traveller on Two Roads
05/29/18   BAG's June Exhibition Features Comical Drawings by Canadian Artist Jeff Ladouceur
04/04/18   New April Exhibitions: Arts Alive and David Ostrem
03/26/18    New Spring Programs at the BAG 
02/20/18    BAG to Host Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 
01/09/18   New Winter Programs at the BAG
Molly Lamb Bobak: Talk of the Town & Julie McIntyre: Travel Stories

2017 Media Releases

11/01/17   Sylvia Tait: Journey
09/12/17   Alicia Nauta + Hot Wheels
08/16/17   Tania Willard: dissimulation
08/09/17   Hazel King + Wayne Eastcott
06/21/17    The Ornament of a House: 50 Years of Collecting
05/16/17    Tara Nicholson: Arctic Claims + Les McKinnon: Reflecting on Headlines 
03/29/17    Arts Alive 2017 + The Salish Weave Collection: Works on Paper
03/08/17    Brian Grison: Adventures of a Drawing Boy + Jessie McNeil: The Errand and the Epiphany
Remembering Ingeborg Raymer + Robert R. Reid: 'Allied Arts' Affirmative Press Release

2016 Media Releases

Hank Bull: Connexion Press Release
10/11/16   H.E. Bergman and Season's Greetings Press Release
09/13/16   Ben Duncan and Catherine M. Stewart Press Release
09/06/16   Joe Fafard Public Art Dedication Media Alert
08/09/16   Keith Langergraber: Betrayal at Babylon Press Release
07/12/16   Matrix and Marty Levenson Press Release
06/01/16   Joe Fafard: Retailles Press Release
04/28/16   Randall Anderson: Noticings and Eight Prints Press Release
03/21/16   Arts Alive 2016
03/14/16   Michiko Suzuki: Hope Chests
03/01/16   Take Care: New Work by Hannah Bennett and From the Collection: The Rainbow Show
01/18/16   New Acquisitions

2015 Media Releases

12/10/15   Gordon Friesen and Diana Kemble
11/03/15   Burnaby Art Gallery Art Sale Fundraiser
10/27/15   Layers: Print & Beyond
10/07/15   Jack Wise and Brigitta Kocsis
08/19/15   Alex Morrison: Phantoms of a Utopian Will/Like Most Follies, More Than a Joke and More Than a Whim
06/02/15    Ward Teulon: Growing Season 
05/19/15   Gravure Automatique: Dalla Husband at Atelier 17
04/13/15   Arts Alive 2015 and Scott Massey
03/23/15    Laura Widmer and People with Cameras
02/11/15    Bernadette Phan and Alan Wood
01/19/15    Visualizing a Culture for Strangers: Chinese Export Paintings of the Nineteenth Century 

2014 Media Releases

12/11/14    Eli Bornowsky
05/11/14    Burnaby Art Gallery Art Sale and Fundraiser
02/09/14    In Wait: Full Circle Art Collective and Works from the Permanent Collection 
12/08/14    Anna Wong and Azawad Libre!
07/07/14    Tin Can Studio 
25/06/14    Gathie Falk
03/06/14    Bob Steele and Baba's House
14/05/14    Frozen Light: Photographic Works from the Collection 
06/05/14    Linda Ohama
04/04/14    Arts Alive and Saskia Jetten
26/03/14    Famous Empty Sky and Stuart McCall
12/03/14    Shelved
27/01/14    Janice Wu and Paul + Wendy Projects
13/01/14  Recent Acquisitions of First Nations and Inuit Prints

2013 Media Releases

18/11/13    Volumes: Works in Paper (English)
    Volumes: Works in Paper (Chinese) 
    Volumes": Works in Paper (Korean) 
4/11/13    Haydn Thomas, The Natural Numeral, Rare Books
18/09/13    Ellen van Eijnsbergen Director Curator Welcome
10/09/13    Harry Booth, Lionel Thomas and Michael Dumontier
21/08/13    Storms and Bright Skies: Three Centuries of Dutch Landscapes and Inner Realms: Dutch Portraits 
10/07/13    Jen Weih, As Seen on TV and Pierre Leichner
24/06/13    New Acquisitions
13/05/13    Shinsuke Minegishi and Shifting Margins: Emily Carr and Irene Hoffar Reid (English)
    Shinsuke Minegishi and Shifting Margins: Emily Carr and Irene Hoffar Reid (Japanese)
22/04/13    Amber Albrecht, Monotypes: An Edition of One, Paul de Guzman
01/04/13    Arts Alive and Focus on the Collection: Wood Engraving
28/01/13     The Artist Poster Show
18/02/13     Ashley Culver and Jack Akroyd 
15/01/13   Sun Owl by Kenojuak Ashevak

2012 Media Releases

07/11/12   Terrance Houle: The National Indian Leg Wrestling League of North America
29/10/12   Photographer Barry Peterson Presents Work from his New Book 111 West Coast Literary 
15/10/12   Green Light for Gift to BAG 
13/09/12   Linofest Celebrates the Historic Art of the Linocut 
11/09/12   Takao Tanabe
14/08/12   Micah Lexier


  Burnaby Art Gallery Features The Gaze of History: Portraits from the Collection with Drawing Installation by Elizabeth MacKenzie July 6-Aug 26, 2012
25/06/12   Moveable Feast Brings Global Food Issues to Burnaby

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